By jseid2 - 15/01/2014 05:54 - United States - San Leandro

Today, my students unanimously agreed, in front of me, that the only reason they take my course is to look at my ass. FML
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What is a donkey doing in your classroom?

I'm kinda curious to take your class now.


What is a donkey doing in your classroom?

That's not necessarily weird for young boys to think like that... However admitting it to a professor is a whole different story.

Hey just because they were there to look at a donkey doesn't mean they wanted to do anything else with it, 9. Let's not assume the worst.

#9, it kinda is. Most young boys are more into titties. Only as we age do we begin to appreciate the shapely ass. Those kids are ahead of their time!

#9 did you even read his comment before replying?

34, I think he merely commented off #1 to get noticed for his comment

I'd take it as a compliment.

Right? Take it as a compliment that you are the teacher that the boys crush on! Congrats. ;)

help me out here please, how do we know the OP is female?

Good point! What if op is a dude?

If OP is Male FHL for possible jail bait reasons. but on the other hand if they chose the class it is more likely a college course in which case I think students are fair game after the class is over.

High schools have elective courses as well like home economics, business/economics courses, and trade courses like auto shop and computer building. Could be one of those.

I have a feeling OP is a man. Then again I could just be making an ass of myself.

It's most likely high school with electives because who's going to take a whole college course to look at the ass of what could be a male as OP never specified. I'm going for high school electives.

That's not the kind of compliment that I would want.

Your comment will forever be remember in FML history for being funny as hell.

94, so it's only bad and 'possible jail bait' if OP were a male? Last time I checked, women can get into just as much trouble as a man if they hooked up with a minor.

Damn, that was smooth.

I'm kinda curious to take your class now.

I'd personally take that as a compliment. At least they are taking your course.

plot twist: OP is a guy with a lean body and exquisitely shaped behind. *drooling*

Say wit me: DAT ASSSS...

147, stop harshing the buzz.

Hahahahahahaha from the other one

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We don't know the age of the students she teaches, if they're in high school it's honestly not surprising.

Regardless of their age it is disrespectful.

There are worse things student can do than stare at their teachers butt

#17 the teacher could be a guy...

Most people don't look for an ass in a guy, so if the teacher is a guy and people take his class to look at his ass, he must have the sexiest ass ever. The ass of all ages. The ass to end all worlds: assageddon.

#115. You made my day.

Day = Made #115! Best comment ever!

It's not like there's a button to say you liked #115's comment

Increase this diiickk!

Once some asshole lifted up a women teachers skirt and took pictures. Thankfully he was caught. Lol #115 asscalypse I think I'm trying too hard nice comment mate.

Apparently traits given to normal males after millions of years of evolution are "gross". Get over yourself...

That was literally perfect

Butt that ass tho

Rip one in front of them to turn then off - Or just wear baggier pants. I know I'd be super self conscious facing the chalk board now....

I know I would definitely wear not so flattering clothes and probably some A-line skirts after that comment in an attempt to actually make the students pay attention. I have a cousin who teaches history to high schoolers and she is young and very curvy so she also had this problem with the boys. I mean I can understand that their hormones are acting up at that age, but seriously some people just need to learn some basic respect.

This reminds me of an episode from Everybody Hates Chris, where Chris's brother has a teacher thats really attractive so he stopped paying attention in class.

I watched that episode last night and thought of this too! he didn't even know his own name when he was looking at her xD

Now there are things we don't know. What if OP's ass is SO nice that even a good A-Line skirt cannot hide it? Or what if... OP actually has just a weirdly shaped ass so all the weirdos take their class to stare at it because it is just the weirdest thing. You. Never. Know.

Or op could wear an apron to cover it up.

Butt who is coming up with all the wise cracks?

I bet you've been waiting to crack that joke.

I see no problem in waiting for the right opening.

#28, I've been holding that one in for a long time. It feels good to excrete it from the dark recesses within.

You guys are just turds...

At least they didn't say that behind her back.. It could be worse OP

No telescopes needed for this course in ASStrology. Heavenly bodies on Earth.

They SHOULD call it asstrology, since everything they say is pulled right out from where the sun don't shine.


Maybe you could share a link with a photo, so we can decide if you deserved it or not...

Umm is that legal...... Or socially acceptable I'm not sure myself either way I'd consider that kind of a nono.... However if she said yes then there ain't anything to say eh

How is that illegal. Last time I checked it is legal to send photos of one's gluteus Maximus

At least you have a great ass! :) might be a little awkward now though

A little awkward, huh? I don't think she'll be able to walk into class for a while after a crack like that.

Actually, she's walking in before the crack

#26! SCORE!!

At least she can keep the pupils focused.

which head is paying more attention in class??

They seem to have the right idea

As long they dont touch it's cool right?