By SierraCheyenne - 30/04/2013 01:57 - United States - Hannibal

Today, my parents finally got married. At the after-party, my mother got drunk and informed me that even though she and my father were now married, it doesn't change the fact that I'm still a bastard. FML
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From a fellow bastard, you are not alone OP, you are not alone.

Well technically it doesn't. Not your fault OP.


Well technically it doesn't. Not your fault OP.

I don't see why it would be such a big deal, it's not something OP can change so she shouldn't get caught up on it

Right, it doesn't. But it's still depressing to hear it from mom.

OP should have just corrected her with "Don't you mean a son of a bitch?"

From a fellow bastard, you are not alone OP, you are not alone.


I am not alone! I can stop feeling sad now?

From another bastard, no you aren't. We bastards gotta stick together!

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Some of you may even become doctors...

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or Night Commander of the Nights Watch

Hey, most of the world is full of them. Just strive to be the best you can be and get past the bullshit in life.

The world is full of bastards. You're not alone.

At least she didn't call him "fat bastard" Muhamuha

If the couple can raise a child properly, why should it matter whether they were married or not when the kid was born? Don't worry about it OP, there's nothing wrong with you.

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if more people in this world thought more like this we would have alot less dumbass parents..

From the comment her mother made (while shitfaced at her own wedding) do you think she was capable of raising a child properly?

58- Maybe OP's mom isn't a good mother, but I'm not saying she is. My point is that just because a child is a bastard doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the child.

Didn't realise Chris Broussard was on FML.

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And apparently she's choosing to BE a bastard!

Being born a bastard is fine. You're already here on Earth and it won't change that.

#11 try telling that to Robert Baratheons kids

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Some epic words of comfort there