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Today, my mother asked me why her new airsoft gun wasn't working. I explained to her that it doesn't actually shoot air, it requires pellets too. She looked at me like I was too stupid to be her son. FML
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Nah she was looking at you as if she was to stupid to be your mom.

After getting shot in the leg with one of those while wearing thin sweatpants, I friggen wish they just shot air


Nah she was looking at you as if she was to stupid to be your mom.

Your mom was just surprised to learn how to operate an airsoft gun.

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Really? One of the first comments and you say FYL. *shoots you with airsoft gun*

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Don't forget the pellets :P

You don't have to have a novel or witty comments just because you are one of the first.

After getting shot in the leg with one of those while wearing thin sweatpants, I friggen wish they just shot air

It's not THAT bad. I used to be apprehensive of playing airsoft with my cousins, until the day I took a paintball to the crotch while playing paintball with them instead.

Well I was also only about 12 at the time so all I remember is feeling a lot of pain and crying :p


Haha airsoft guns are supposedly such fun, I wanna try it one day but I'm pretty sure its illegal here (except regular BB rifles)

Airsoft guns are quite fun and games until some scumbag brings one that's CO2 powered and has the bullets travel at 412 mph. I learned that the hard way, and had welts up my arm for quite a while after. The damned thing was actually made out of metal and heavy enough to be a real gun.

Where are you from? They are usually legal in most places. (Country wise I don't want to know your address)

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It really depends on the gun as well as the weight and quality of the pellets, and of course the distance it is fired at you from, for how bad it's gonna hurt. I love to play both paintball and airsoft and my husband has some great guns for both games. I can say this much... I would rather take a pellet from a generic department store airsoft gun than a paintball from any paintball gun. BUT I would rather take a shot from any paintball gun rather than my husband's souped up airsoft sniper rifle. The thing is solid metal and fires these special heavy pellets at ridiculous speeds and trajectories. I have seen what those pellets do. Even after having my ex accidentally shoot my arm point blank with 5 paintballs and having to dig out little shards of paintball shells from the wound.... I would still take it over the sniper shot.

24, their location (Australia) is on their profile. In other notes, I put 412 mph in my last comment, but I meant 412 feet per second. Derp.

Generic department store airsoft guns hurt too! My ex (bf at the time) and I had just bought guns to shoot cans cause we were bored. He tells me to shoot him so he can see how it feels. His reaction? Shoot me back. He said he didn't mean to and it was just reflex. Yeah right. :( we were probably only a foot away from each other.

33 - That's terrible! I can't believe he's legally blind because of it. Was he mad?

The first time you get shot by one yes it will hurt but after being shot by one a lot you get used to it.

Actually pro airsoft guns don't hurt them at much because they are usually regulated at 400fps or less with a .2gram bb or and snipers (at least at my field) can do 550fps but have an med of 100ft

58- I play cqb, so over where I am the fps limit is 350.

Try your bare neck with an air soft. That friggin hurts.

Don't blame her, it's a woman and they usually don't know this.

So put a pellet in the airsoft gun and shoot mom upside the head!

Unlike you, he's not a complete asshole and wouldn't do that because she's his mother.

Just take it as the opportunity to teach and enlighten her!

well at least she didn't have a real gun. right?

Though if that were the case, it would definitely benefit everyone to tell her that it just shot air.

#14. not sure if you were trying to be a douche to me or OP. text doesn't properly portray sarcasm.

Blow in your mom's ear. She's a airhead, and clearly is in need of a refill. Good job! Now go back to playing air guitar.

Sounds like she needs a demonstration. Awesome username btw :D

people downvote for strange reaaons it seems...