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Today, I learned what it felt like to get shot in the nuts by an airsoft gun. Thank you, Mom. FML
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I think you overestimate the calibre of the damage.

So tell us... what does it feel like to cooter-punch your mother? Did she thank you?

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This week on Top Shot: Airsoft gun at 1,000 feet to hit the worlds smallest nut sack.

What a terrible mom. Any good mom knows the armpits and ass cheeks are the best for shooting.

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It feels like loss of fertility.

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that's a hint that your mom doesn't want to be a grandma. :3

This matters... were you wearing basketball shorts or pants?

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1 you look darker then in the picture 5 haha who's that?

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Lmao. She ain't raising no babies ! xD

90- thats rude to say u look darker then u actually are, maybe she likes that pic cuz she does look darker, why do u care?! you dont have to exclaim to the whole FML thats she actually isnt that dark. and ur pic is fake so stfu and go to hell

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Whos your mom? Casey anthony?

Well that's what you get for not doing your chores

I'm amazed at how she managed to hit such a tiny target.

It doesn't hurt that much. Unless he was naked that would have hurt clothes basically block the bb

@15 Who the **** calls a pussy a 'cooter'?? Are you a virgin or something>? ****** weird.. OP's mom is a champ btw, at least she sounds fun.

She call you numbnuts after, then teabag you?

Depends on the exact point of impact, sometimes horrible and other times u barly can feel it

Great mom. Mine would be absolutely against airsoft.Great mom. Mine would be absolutely against airsoft.

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I think he said "Great mom. Mine would be absolutely against airsoft.", but I'm not entirely sure.

Could you say that again? It wasn't clear. Could you say that again? It wasn't clear.

This guy is serious, he said it twice twice

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So... What's your mom's opinion on air soft?

You didn't hear him because he wasn't talking. He typed out the comment, so you saw it.

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i definitely need more info on that

The mom is a 5'4" caucasian woman weighing about 140 pounds. Her average speed is 3.23 miles an hour and her age is 43. The dude is a 17 year old caucasian male with about 5'11" of height and around 150 pounds of weight. Average speed 4.11 mph. The gun is a 1.33 pounds handgun made of 94% hardened plastic, average speed of bullets (0.7 mm) 30 mph. The weapon was held at 3'4" from the ground in an angle of depression of about 7 degrees. Since the shooter (mom) was standing 11' from the target (dude), the bullet followed a linear path all the way to the target's genitals. How's this for info? :)

47- I imagined that comment like the old roadrunner and coyote cartoons. Thank you for making my day.

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thank you, that's about helpful. now why did she do it?

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Apparently she wanted a daughter

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Is it bad that the first thing I noticed is an inaccuracy? Airsoft is 6mm, and very rarely 8mm, but never 7mm

I think she needs to kiss them and make the boo-boo all better.....

At least we haven't seen any of those godawful "wincest" comments yet.

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Aaand that is why you will be a virgin for life.

That's gross!!!!! Makes me wonder what kind of relationship you have with your mother.....

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how wuld u like that happen to u

Airsoft guns don't hurt! They just sting a bit and leave little red rings of welt at close range. You'll be okay.

Yea, but the op got shot in his balls, HIS BALLS. That's bound to hurt.

Nonibird, something tells me that you don't have balls if you're saying this. Anything hitting your balls hurts like hell. An airsoft pellet to the balls would hurt like a Mike Tyson punch anywhere else.

I have an airsoft gun that shoots 415 fps. At point blank that will make you bleed profusely. So yes, they hurt quite a bit

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i hav an airsoft sniper rifle. shot in the balls... it hurts like hell. it makes people bleed with headshots

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Yeah 8, you must not have a good airsoft gun because me and my friends end up bleeding most times we battle

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Yeah, that pain is probably the most terrible pain ever, like the equivilency of giving birth. It probably popped

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Nah, it doesn't hurt as much as the bruises you get after a hernia surgery. Even a month later it still hurts when they move.

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I was shot by my sniper twice blood dripping down both legs

#128 you shot yourself or your sniper man couldnt determine who to shoot? Glad he's not a scout sniper.

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Dude u r either a gurl or have no nuts but it would hurt 10x worst in the nuts

Okay #8 you probably never even got shot by one before. Have someone shoot you in the diddlestick and see if you just stand there with your hands in your pockets since it 'doesn't hurt'. Seriously tell me how welts are painless

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Most women just privately cling to the notion that they are too young to be grannies. Yours takes action. If your mom takes up fencing, run away and don't stop!

You have 8040 comments. For that sir, I respect you.

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Thank you. What I lack in quality, I make up for in volume, Volume, VOLUME!

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What was your mom doing with airsoft gun to begin with? Trying to get that pesky cat that knocks over your garbage cans I'd imagen. Lol. I couldn't picture my picture my mom playing with airsoft gun.

Wait why does he deserve to be shot in the ball's? By his own mom? Please, enlighten us o great ydi giver.