By cubs44fan - 04/03/2014 23:25 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, I had the most intelligent conversation I've ever had with my boyfriend. He was getting really in-depth about subjects like biotechnology and gamma radiation. I soon realized he was only referring to the Incredible Hulk. FML
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Learn to speak the language of men and they'll surprise you with their knowledge


You just made my day, dude.

That's pretty awesome...

this makes me want to watch The Avengers

That's epic! Haha. Can't go wrong with the Incredible Hulk!

Learn to speak the language of men and they'll surprise you with their knowledge

And I thought men were supposed to be the sexist ones....

giving credit isn't sexist..

Girls are very sexist. My girlfriend once told me to "go back to the garage, where all men belong and fix my car". Just kidding, I don't have a girlfriend. (o_o)

I would like to note that 18's comment is extremely sexist. Whether such irony was intentional or simply a coincidence, we may never know.

I will indulge your curiosity 54: it was intentional. The offense I caused in the FML community, however, was not.

Haha. I know what you mean. At least he knew what gamma radiation was right..... Well, hopefully. It's not about how he learns it I guess. At least he knows it more or less. But good luck with him. Hopefully he's worth it

Hate to day this...but boys will be boys. Let him have this one

Sometimes I wish I could thumb people down more than once.

Meh I agree with you. Boys will be boys. And if he lacks too much intelligence then don't date him. Guys think differently too and associate things differently.

Why? Because of my comment stating that he's just being a dude? Lighten up

No not because of that. Because you are one of the many narcissistic douchebags who feels the need to use a shirtless selfie as their profile picture.

That saying and the bullshit you're spewing is literally holding society back. Boys will be fucking held accountable for their goddamn actions. Men and women are just fucking people, stop trying to make them separate species.

And we think differently. Boys will be boys girls will be girls. dumb asses will be dumb asses. Maybe that one works better for you!

#58, I'm pretty sure I know more about comics than almost any guy I know, besides the one that actually owns a comic book shop. The love of comics and graphic novels is not a guy thing, it's just an awesome thing.

That is a bad thing? I mean, I guess it could be but is a conversation. At least it's not like he's talking about surprise fisting

Did somebody call me?

Yeah, the Incredible Hulk did, I believe. He seems to always be calling your name.