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Today, I was grounded for not agreeing with an article on dating my mom found in a very strict magazine. The article told parents to monitor phone calls, make rumors about their children cheating on people and not allow their children anywhere but home. FML
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cant wait till your bf has to met your mom

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Stupid Mormons.... that's why I got myself excommunicated....

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I'm in the exact same boat, I don't get an opinion at my house. 1 1/2 more years.

That's not Utah. That's just some strict Mormons in utah

My parents use the phrase "we should've trained you better"

Not always XD my parents aren't like that and I'm from Utah

My mom uses the phrase "your the worst son ever"

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AGREED!!! That is absolute BULLSHIT!!!! Nobody, especially your mother of all people, should be spreading those lies!!! The people who wrote that magazine deserve to burn!!!!

Nobody deserves to burn. It's only an opinion, a very bad one, but still, freedom of speech for everybody.

No, the only people who deserve to burn are those who wish an unnecessarily painful death on others.

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and witches!!! They should burn at the stake!!!!

Why should Witches burn at the stake ? Did they do something to you that you have to be mean and vindictive ?

does that mean you need to burn 77? if so I brought matches :D

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doc bastard you mean like you just did yourself?

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well I agree with watching your kids while their dating...the whole teen pregnancy epidemic is at large... but my mom was controlling like that and as soon as I moved out I went crazy with freedom. parents these days don't know when to quit or just don't give a shit anymore.

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isn't Utah full of crazy mormons? just call the Feds and tell them you are being held against your will

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technically it doesn't matter since op's still a minor. they'll just call it parenting.

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excuse me? I'm a Mormon, we aren't crazy. I agree the mother is being completely ridiculous but that has nothing to do with being mormon.

Don't take it personally... most people are going to assume OP's mother is religious because of how "strict" the magazine is, how backwards their opinion is and how she agrees with it.

plus the fact that op lives in Utah. everyone assumes that all residents of Utah are mormons. like it's a state law to live there or something.

Mormons are an enthnic group of crazy controlling parents that don't want anybody to hear good music that says **** or to drink before your 18 I will propably move to Europe so I don't have to raise my kids with super strict friends that we all know are full of shit

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yeah I'm Mormon too. ur mom is just a crazy controlling bitch kinda like my dad