By Anonymous - 05/12/2010 05:09 - United States

Today, while at my mom's birthday dinner, I started to pretend to drum with one hand, using my left leg as the drums. Everybody stared at me and started to yell. Now they all think I was masturbating. FML
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That's the best cover story for mastetbuting I have heard.. I may use it in the future :D

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Mom: No masterbating at the table young man, now finish your peas. Son: Yes mommy.


Ha hahaha haha. That is just to damn funny

it's not really THAT funny lol

pwincessa23 1

i love this fml!!!;)

his family are all dumbasses then

*too Sorry, I had to.

umm weren't you?? someone got a little bored.. OCD!!

your right boob looks waaaay bigger than your left boob...

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27- thank you! see? I'm not the only one who thinks so bitch

mylifesucksserio 15

I don't really see the problem with them lol


jellyybeans 5

oooh where's vestfold? *o* ahaha and also, lmfao at luvzit. your profile made me laugh.

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her face must be ugly.

yal bitches are just jealous of her big tits. girls who usualy bitch about other girls showing their tits on FML are probably just jealous bitches.

PSQ91 6

I Love doing that too

doing what? masturbating?

Hahahha, nice on xD

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I viciously play air guitar...alone...candles lit...some Beethoven to set the ambience...ftw

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that's hot

Wow, that is one hell of a conclusion to jump to.

That's the best cover story for mastetbuting I have heard.. I may use it in the future :D

bladomas 2

learn spelling #7, and the OP YDI

I got auto corrected you wanker.

mastetbuting is a word? When I first tried typing it it autocorrected to masturbating

I meant to say I was hoping for it to auto correct me. This is what happens when you go on FML at work, you look an idiot.

You look LIKE an idiot. You do not look an idiot.

See #8, he's still at work

hooray for a perverted family!

how is that even masterbating. fail. FYL

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Haha, nice job...