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Today, I finally had my tongue piercing heal up so I decided to try oral on my girl. Unfortunately, she has a hood piercing that got caught on my tongue ring, and neither of us could get them apart. We had to call my mom in to solve the problem. FML
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OP here I'll clear a few things. First off, no I'm not that dude who got a comment from his girl's grandfather. Although that would be great, it's not me. for our inability to do it...well I didn't have a clear view. and I couldn't get a good grip on the ball because I fingerbanged her prior, so my hand was...well you get it her hands were lubed up, so same problem. I couldn't see them well enough to unhook them, and she couldn't do a damn thing with them either. It took about 5 minutes before we decided to call anyone. My brother and dad weren't in the house, and obviously if I called a friend, my mom would have to show them in I got the tongue ring for my 18th birthday (2 weeks ago), so obviously moving out isn't going to be an instant thing. Oh and my mom's a nurse, so she just looked at us both staring at her awkwardly, laughed, and undid it. We haven't spoke about it since. Honestly, I think it's pretty funny. What's really funny is those of you idiots who don't understand the exhilaration of a piercing.

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why in the godamn would you call your mom in? unscrew the tongue ring. dumbass.


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Ahaha. This is so wrong. talk about mother - future daughter bonding time, eh?

Hunthas 17 can you call your mom when your hea is in her vag...ina

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Definitely calling fake on this one.

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HAHAHA How awkward must that be for your mom. And, did you time exactly to the point when your tongue will be healed up?

Why would they time it exactly? If you've ever had a piercing and looked after it properly, you'll know that a) The piercer gives you a time frame in which it should have healed. b) You can generally FEEL that it's healed. They probably either waited until a bit after the time the piercer told them, or felt that it had healed up. It's really not difficult...

why in the godamn would you call your mom in? unscrew the tongue ring. dumbass.

THANK YOU! Someone with some sense! If the piercing has healed you could, you know, just take it out for a second and unhook yourself!

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I agree, the kids girlfriend would've objected to his mom coming to remove his tongue from her crorch. Plus you'd have to be a creepy **** to call in your mom. Its just weird un unbelievable.

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it's not real he said he let the hole in his tounge close. How could he have a ring in when the hole us closed?

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dude im sorry but that is freakking hilarious. how did your mom handle it?

who call their mom for that problem? Call a friend, that is what they are there for.

Most friends would probs laugh before helping you, then make fun of you for the rest of your life. An' if you're really unlucky, they might even take pictures. Lol.

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i would find it quite hard to use a phone when your tongue is stuck where it was

hahahahaha that's like on grey's when the guy's prince alberts got caught on his ex-wifes cervix!

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that's what I was thinking!:)

haha ya and they had to sty like tht all the way in the hospital

it wasn't her cervix it was her IDU birth control. but close enough lol.