By Truan - United States
  Today, I finally had my tongue piercing heal up so I decided to try oral on my girl. Unfortunately, she has a hood piercing that got caught on my tongue ring, and neither of us could get them apart. We had to call my mom in to solve the problem. FML
Truan_fml tells us more :
OP here I'll clear a few things. First off, no I'm not that dude who got a comment from his girl's grandfather. Although that would be great, it's not me. for our inability to do it...well I didn't have a clear view. and I couldn't get a good grip on the ball because I fingerbanged her prior, so my hand was...well you get it her hands were lubed up, so same problem. I couldn't see them well enough to unhook them, and she couldn't do a damn thing with them either. It took about 5 minutes before we decided to call anyone. My brother and dad weren't in the house, and obviously if I called a friend, my mom would have to show them in I got the tongue ring for my 18th birthday (2 weeks ago), so obviously moving out isn't going to be an instant thing. Oh and my mom's a nurse, so she just looked at us both staring at her awkwardly, laughed, and undid it. We haven't spoke about it since. Honestly, I think it's pretty funny. What's really funny is those of you idiots who don't understand the exhilaration of a piercing.
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  charvisioku  |  22

Why would they time it exactly? If you've ever had a piercing and looked after it properly, you'll know that
a) The piercer gives you a time frame in which it should have healed.
b) You can generally FEEL that it's healed.
They probably either waited until a bit after the time the piercer told them, or felt that it had healed up. It's really not difficult...

  Sanchezzz  |  0

I agree, the kids girlfriend would've objected to his mom coming to remove his tongue from her crorch. Plus you'd have to be a creepy fuck to call in your mom. Its just weird un unbelievable.