By Lady_Luck - United States
Today, my friend and I were filming football practice and talking about what guys on the team were attractive and who we would want to get it on with. We didn't realize that the camera was recording everything that we said. The tape was played to the entire team the next day. With sound. FML
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By  marz88  |  0

I'm 100% heterosexual.

By  nafiul93  |  0

Today after football practice, we watched a film of yesterdays practice. There was two girls talking about who they wouldn't have sex with. They mentioned Joe. I'm Joe. FML

By  _comic_  |  0

I don't get it.
You were filming it...
You were talking about the guys...
You played the tape to them???
1) Makes zero sense.
2) Even if you didn't know it was recording, you wouldn't attempt to watch it before you show them?