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Today, my mom went to grab my sheets off my bed. I said that I would do it, to which she responded, "Calm down, it's not like I've never seen 'spludge' before." FML
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I dunno what's more embarrassing. The fact that she knows about his wet dreams, or the fact that she calls it a "spludge".

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It's nasty that she immediately thought about that when he was just trying to help his mom

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-53 Kind sir if you killed Justin Bieber. Free ******** for life.

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57 we were supposed to discuss my offer on the privacy of comment #11 :O

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It's only nasty because he's wallowing around in his man candy. Going to town on yourself is perfectly natural.

Now you can ask her tp buy you a box of tissues.

Maybe she's seen "spludge" before, but it does seem pretty gross to handle her own son's. At least OP's mom didn't get all grossed out and embarrass him even more.

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I want to like, but I want to keep the likes at 69

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28- I'd say the ladder, and also that that's the first thing that his mom thought he was trying to help for.

@164 lol the "ladder"? Latter* It's good to learn differences ^^

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Ladder means the second option. Please learn the actual word before you correct other people.

#190: Ladder-(Noun) 1. A structure consisting of a series of bars or steps between two lengths of wood, metal, or rope, used for climbing up or down something. 2. A series of ascending stages by which someone or something may advance or progress. Latter-(Adjective) 1. Situated or occurring nearer to the end of something than to the beginning. 2. Belonging to the final stages of something. Now stop trying to correct everyone else because you aren't right.

is that the new name for penis juice now?

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Is penis juice the old new name for semen now?

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am I turned on by this? *checks* indeed I am! :D

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How is this suppose to turn you on? It's a dood cumming on his bed

Cumming on your face cumming cumming on your face

How exactly is that a turn off 34? I mean really, cum on....

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I've heard it called spludge before... Just most of the time they pronounce it "splooge or sploodge" with a long u sound.

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Dude ur profile pic made that even funnier lol

17 is seman the old new way to say sperm?

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113, semen and sperm are different. Sperm is individual while semen is the fluid which contains many sperm.

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The word just kinda sounds weird, similar to the way my cousins ex-boss hated the word moist.

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Say sorry mom I had to pull out

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That just made my day lmfao XD

a cross between spunk and sludge.. charming...

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No it's not you are just a fourteen year old girl

And your 16 years old. Not that big of a difference…

Only 14 years old...? Ooooh. I see we have a big man in the house.

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63 I'm 16 and I havent heard it either :o

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Calm down guys , 63 just wanted to make his penis feel big. You know, because he's a big boy. Who apparently doesn't own a shirt.

75 is exactly right And my point was most 14 year old girls are rather innocent

That's a very generous offer 81, but there are rather a lot of us.

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... Boys or as you call yourself a " man"-

Most 14 year old girls are not innocent actually. You are out of the loop my friend, and so am I for saying " out of the loop "

Dude you're just 2 years older calm down, you have on you two years more of experience wow!!

8- no it's not... My boyfriend calls it that all the time.

125 well when you are young two years is quite a big difference. I think an 18 year old would probably be a lot different than me just like I think I am different from a 14 year old. Also she's a girl.

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84- nobody wants to see your pastey white ass. Get a shirt.. And a paper I mean plastic bag. Seriously.

Just give up commenting. Youre getting thumbed down and trolled like crazy. Face it, most people on FML are total douche-holes and would care less to squash a poopy " think I'm so great" shirtless white boy.

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She may have seen spludge, but she surely can't have seen iAmScrubs Premium Sweet and Salty Spludge. My spludge comes in over 100 different colours. Call now while quantities last.

-10 I'll take an ounce... Not because I'm into swallowing but that sounds hot..

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Does it come with secret ingredients?! Like shrooms or pot?!:D

I'll take 3 ounces of hot pink only if they're freshly squeezed from concentrate.

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