By sadface - 18/08/2011 00:23 - Canada

Today, I finally got over the knee injury that has been holding back my military application for 6 months. They sent me to the optometrist, who said my eyes were too bad for service. FML
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juliaaalove 8

I think this is fate.. Hey but at least you were willing to fight for your country! That itself is amazingly honorable :)

morganrules123 10

At least you know that you need glasses now


morganrules123 10

At least you know that you need glasses now

TenderizeMe 0

Eye see what you did there, too bad you can't.

I just saw Battle LA, and one of the solders had glasses....whaaaaa

HowAreYouToday 34

If OP's eyes are so bad to the point that he cannot serve for his country I'm pretty sure he already has glasses or contacts. People with glasses and contacts are allowed to serve for their country but if your vision impairment is severe then that is when you can't join. Sorry OP for the bad news :( but that is very brave of you to want to join you should be proud of that.

Op: you shouldve SEEN that coming. Oh wait....LOL

The Canadian Forces has such high recruiting standards, I understand what you're going through OP! But keep working at it, it's worth it!

aFatFuck 0

17 you can still be in the military (atleast US military) with glasses - it's only if it's real severe.

Why don't you get laser enhancement done on your eyes if they're that bad and you want this job so bad?

yeah, and then in the middle of combat you lose your contacts...

Jvr91 8

16 or just if some sand gets in them

Contacts don't come out unless you rub them a lot or you open your eyes under water. At least that's how mine are.

And anyways they give you eye wear... So that shouldnt be a problem

CatEyes66 0

The military will issue you eye wear (BCG's they suck ass) but you still have to have some visibility without them in order to enlist.

Burnbaby 0

Legally blind people cannot join the army

That's a good FML... Just saying but they're just protecting you, if you got caught by terrorists, you couldnt run away, now if some guy came in your tent, you can't see

I think this is a sign for OP to not join the military

IAmNotAnAnimal 9

Hey, I'll trade lives with you, just for a warning, mine sucks ass.

HELL. NO. Not after watching Final Destination 5 in 3D.

Amazing how much movies and video games impact our decisions....

hatepineapple 14

Poor you. You don't get to be stationed at Guantanamo Bay for five years. FYL.

juliaaalove 8

I think this is fate.. Hey but at least you were willing to fight for your country! That itself is amazingly honorable :)

Amazingly honorable? I didn't even know Canada was in danger... In my humble opinion, there is nothing brave to fight 'for your own country' if it's not in danger. Then you're just attacking another country and I think that that's the opposite of 'amazingly honorable'. I'm not fond of killing mostly innocent people, destroying their homes, their lives... But yeah, you're absolutely protecting your country and your family by doing that, uhu, they are in real danger, you know... (Ps, I have nothing against an army that would help other people or actually really protect their own country and their family, but war isn't known for his humanity and Canada is not in danger.)

RedPillSucks 31

Canadian forces participate in the US coalition effort in Iraq and Afghanistan. Amazingly enough, Canada does have a foreign policy, which might include some force. Just because it's not the US doesn't mean it can't protect its interest or help others militarily.

Protecting their interests is not the same as protecting their country. I remember some story about Bush, Afghanistan/Iraq and oil. That was not a happy story, was it? And it still hasn't got his happy ending. But America was protecting their interests, so I guess it's allright now to invade other country's. I also don't like the 'help others militarily' part, basically because the army often is not helping at all. In history, the army went many times to other country's to 'help them', and that often lead to situations which were very unpleasant for the native inhabitants. Again, Afghanistan, Iraq.

aFatFuck 0

#46 You do understand the purpose of a military (especially if it's Canada)? You join either during war to protect your country or during peace time incase your country is attacked so there is a trained force ready to mobilize. Your country doesn't have to be in danger to be attacked. Many countries have been attacked out of the blue. Plus, the military is used to put down riots and to protect citizens. I really fail to see the logic in "why join the military if the country is not in danger." Why become a fire fighter if there are no fires? Why become a police officer if there is no crime? You are a preventative force there to ensure safety.

reddawn85 8

The longest kill shot in history was done by a Canadian sniper. Just sayin.

"Many countries have been attacked out of the blue." I think the chances that one day, you will wake up and a strange army is in your Canadian backyard (assuming you are from Canada) are pretty small. Out of the blue, in this time? Nope. Only if you count attacks from terrorists, but that are singly attacks that the army can't fight too (it's hard to fight a dead terrorist or some unknown group in a strange land) 'You are a preventative force there to ensure safety.' Well, if the Canadian army just stays at Canada, trains hard in case of an eventual Canadian (or American or world) war and helps with national problems (like riots), then I have no single problem with it. I'm just a little pissed off because of all the 'all hail to the army, you're protecting your country and family, you're fantastic and noble and great, let me kiss your feet" comments. A police man is also protecting his country and family, but there isn't a wuss about them. Oh, and I also don't like the last couple of wars America started 'because they were in great danger'.

Most of the most recent wars are helping get rid of murderous tyrants and outing in a democracy how is that not honorable?

leemurcat 5

My husband was a marine in Afghanistan. Anyone who says that fighting for your country is not honorable doesn't know what he and millions of others have been through to win you your freedom.

My freedom was never in danger, thank you. Those of the Afghanistans on the other hand, was and still is. 'Most of the most recent wars are helping get rid of murderous tyrants and outing in a democracy how is that not honorable?' Because you forced the democracy in that country. I have a very simple view: let country's solve their problems on their own. There always will be a moment when the inhabitants of a country ruled by a murderous tyrant will step up for theirselfs and their rights. Then there will be a civil war, yes, but that will eventually end, the tyrant will be killed/locked up and the inhabitants of that country will have set theirself free without the invasion of other army's. Then the inhabitants can choose wether they want a republic, a democracy, an oligarchy, whatever. The Middle East did not intervene in the France revolution or the American civil war, why would we intervene in theirs? I think they deserve the right to solve their own problems, without other nations forcing their army/politics/culture/moral/... on them.

If you haven't seen it first hand instead of what the news tells you then your opinion doesn't matter.

ReynshineCutting 10

Dee how was your freedom not in danger when terrorists were crashing planes into buildings and those tyrants were threatening American lives? Have you completely forgotten the several THOUSAND people those bastards killed on our soil? Every single Al Quaeda sonofabitch we've killed has saved thousands of innocent lives. I don't 100% agree with the war in Iraq but I fully support killing Saddam and because of that we had to help the people get back on their feet so another tyrant doesn't do the same thing. I agree that we shouldn't act like a World Police Force, but when our people are threatened we can't just sit around and do nothing. Being a member of the military, any military, is an honorable thing. Just because nothing's happened in Canada for awhile doesn't mean it won't. Have you been paying any attention to the chaos that's been going on in the world? There's no telling what will happen in Canada or anywhere else in the world when our economy nosedives again. Things are going to get very bad here and it's going to affect the whole world, so everyone needs to be ready, including Canada.

Atleast you didn't go through bootcamp first.

A for willing to support our country though :)

bizarre_ftw 21

So you won't die in battle. .... And that's a Bad Thing?!!!!!! -_^

It's not that people in the military want to die, but they understand somebody has to do it. I've come to terms with the fact that I may be killed but do it anyway.

So can you not wear contacts or anything?

iAintEvenMad 0

Do you actually think a soldier would have the time to take out and clean his/her contacts while fighting?