Dirty talk

By Noname - 02/01/2009 03:04 - Canada

Today, my mother was vacuuming my room and found a towel under my bed. She asked, "Why does it smell so bad?" I replied, "Sweat". FML
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ashling_fml 0

Isn't this more of an "f HER life" situation?

FBIWarning 0

lmao why did your mom smell it?


HAHAHA this happened to me too but my mom actually thought it was puke. I started another one.

YDI for sweating. bitch. if I ever see you sweat again, I swear...

zac12345 0

/facepalm it's not actually sweat, but semen :)

Collegedude83 0

That's disgusting! Clean up after yourself!

madskittlesftw 5

He does clean up after himself though!

ashling_fml 0

Isn't this more of an "f HER life" situation?

yeah she touched and stuck her nose in your semen

idk it seems pretty hot to me. she should try her sons cum straight from the faucet.

That just happens every day :) But we have a cleaning lady :D (and mine doesn't smell bad :p )

Kurlzz 0

Ew... why wouldnt you clean that up yourself? Or at least use kleenex?

MoutainDrewski 0

Kleenex is horrible to blow your load into, mine would shoot right through the Kleenex and get everywhere, a towel is much better and you don't have to worry about pin-pointing your shot

PaperxHearts_xox 0

Seriously, dude; clean up after yourself. but apparently you're too lazy to get a girlfriend, and to clean up >.

yes because that's what girl friends are for ; cleaning up

That's not what #11 was saying, they were implying that if he had a girlfriend he wouldn't have to jack off.

sophie0805 0

HAHAHAHAHAHA. this is funny [=

ihaveaidz 0

lol u gotta hide your **** rag better