By kira - 02/10/2012 10:29 - United States

Today, my mom screeched at me about my pillowcase being dirty and finished off one long rant with an irate, "Who raised you to be such a pig?" Her anger multiplied by ten when I asked if it was a trick question. FML
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These are the moments when being quiet is the best way out of a dangerous situation


charmedamethyst 14

Don't talk back to your mother.

PleaseStayChill 9

You better either watch what you say to your mom, or stop being such a pig. What if she's in the mood for bacon one day and she's running low? Don't come squealing to FML when your mom decides it's about time for you-bacon.

coolbrony12 3

He was giving her a compliment.-.- if its a trick question (meaning there's no answer) then he means she didn't raise like a pig. So it's not talking back.

It is hard to have a conversation if you don't talk back to the person who is talking to you. /troll Believe it or not ant, parents aren't always right. Im glad I talked back to my mom and helped my dad when he was in trouble right after their divorce. I said some pretty rude things to her. Along the lines of "I don't care if you are my mother, I will help whoever I want, especially my dad." Sometimes you have to think for yourself.

Well, she must have a seriously pissy mother if she screamed at her for simply having a dirty pillowcase.

Why didn't you just wash your pillowcase?

Today I insulted my mom and she got mad at me. FML. What were you expecting, her to laugh?

mduffy08 8

In her defense, parents find the dumbest shit to bitch about. It's not like her mom was bitching about her grades.

cheshireau 26

Exactly 78. I would high 5 the OP for the come back.

xSonic 9

Because that's far too logical.. The world sadly doesn't use reason anymore :/

coolboy675 16

Son of a bitch! Well, in this case, it'd be daughter.

lol...if yu were hispanic...idk if yu are...but if yu were you wouldve received a slap across the face.

Because the mother's race will effect her tendency to use violence...?

These are the moments when being quiet is the best way out of a dangerous situation

For sure. Being a smartass to an angry parent never works out.

I'd have said and dealt with whatever punishment I got knowing it was worth it.

amandajlucas2015 2

Lol it was an honest question

I'd honestly rather be sarcastic and take the punishment. While parents may claim that the slightest sign of "disrespect" is a sign our generation is horrible, screaming in our faces over the smallest details isn't exactly the most effective way to handle things. Respect needs to be earned.

Yeah never provoke an angry mother further. Next thing you know, you won't have any pillow case to sleep on when she sends you to the dog house for a night! :3

Nice way to help your case out, maybe you should pillow up more stuff to back you up.

L.O.L !!! Trick question...too funny!

cupcakekallie 6

Aren't you a little young to be on fml?

perdix 29

This is a case where you have to choose to be honest or smart. The smart answer would be to blame your dad. Mom will blast him and leave you alone, and Dad won't take revenge on you. He's just resigned to the fact that he married a rageaholic, and either take to drinking or banging a nice lady.

momolee 4

I don't know about you, but if I blamed Dad he will say "Did she really say that??". Then both parents will want to talk with me together. Just take the responsibility for your actions.

unknown_user5566 26

34- If you over think Perdix's comments, you're missing the point.