By tracey - 19/10/2009 21:12 - United States

Today, I got pulled over for going 85mph in a 60mph zone on a highway in the Everglades. There were cars passing both the cop and me as I was being pulled over. The cop decided I was easiest to catch since I was the slowest of the bunch even though the other cars were topping 100mph. FML
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If you're going to speed, might as well keep up with the others.

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That's the typical predator/prey routine. The predator chooses the slowest and weakest of the herd. Thanks for letting us know that you are slow and weak. That might come in handy during a food shortage.


If you're going to speed, might as well keep up with the others.

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agreed...if you're going to speed, at least try to be the slowest one doing it...just makes you look like your car won't go that fast...

Wȅ̏́̾̅̒͆̾ͬ̎̆͗ͥͭ̿̓̉͛҉̕͏̧̛̣̼̹̫̭͙͙͔ll I agree with these guys tbh.. speeding a lil slower is still speeding; it just makes you easier to catch

I agree. YDI for speeding, and YDI for thinking that you going 15 mph over as opposed to 40 over was really gonna make a difference to a cop... Especially when he can catch you.

25 over? your fault any day of the week, selfish bitch

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agreed. op, you're just an idiot

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To be fair, if the traffic was really going 100mph, it would have been incredibly dangerous for her to go 60. Cops who pull people over when they're going the speed of traffic are clearly just trying to fill their quota. On the other hand, I don't think I've ever been anywhere where the traffic was that fast. I suspect the OP is lying.

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"A business man, late to a meeting, speeds on the freeway. He notices that the cars around him are all going at the same or a higher speed than he is, so he feels pretty safe. Nevertheless, a cop pulls him over. After losing ten minutes of his time and being given a speeding ticket, the man is furious. He complains to the police officer. 'Officer, there were plenty of cars speeding around me. So why did I have to get the ticket?' The police officer simply smiles at him. 'Sir, have you ever gone fishing?' Taken aback by such a seemingly random question, he stutters out a response. 'Uhm... y-yeah, I do fish occasionally. What does that have to do with anything?' 'Ever caught all the fish?'" YDI. Don't speed.

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Guy above me is great and u should never speed a car is a weapon when u are speeding u are loading the gun

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the alley's a two lane road in the middle of nowhere, people really do go that fast all the time! but not everybody of course

What Saccha AND letitbe said, which is why I clicked both.

try georgia. the redneck part of georgia. they drive like that here all the time. i believe the op because i constantly have to drive a little over the speed limit just to get the rednecks with their big pick up trucks to stop tail gating me. if i go the speed limit, they get all mad and reckless and try to pass my car dangerously. so yeah, because of a bunch of idiots that want to go 100 mph, i have to go at least 60 mph when the speed limit is 55. luckily the cops here speed and popcorn all over the high way too, so w/e for me. sorry op :/ while speeding is still speeding, sometimes it's more dangerous not to speed on a road full of idiots.

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Cops may not have actual "quotas," but if they don't write as many tickets as their fellow officers do they get stuck doing bitch work.

I'm not so sure. I have family down there, and the drivers are LUNATICS. Obscene gestures are commonplace, and if you dare go the speed limit you can get nasty looks before you're cut off. Bad drivers are everywhere, but they're in another league in Florida.

Come to Oregon. It's a good day if nobody is going under the speed limit.

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Stfu #32. Where do you drive? The McDonalds parking lot?


Even if you are going the speed limit while everyone else is speeding a cop can give a ticket for " obstructing the flow of traffic" it has happened to people I know. Going 40 less than everyone else is very dangerous. Take this bad example: the speed limit is 60 and you are going 20 is that not dangerous also it causes a backup in traffic, there are minimum speed limits on freeways -that are not posted- for a reason.

If the people around you are speeding, you should too. You can actually get a ticket for impeding traffic.

If you weren't speeding, that wouldn't of happened. YDI.

YDI for speeding. The cops will always get the slowest speeder.

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Why is this badded? Its true. She shouldn't have been speeding and cops ARE that lazy...

haha :P guess the rule dosent work in america... if you go slower then all the other cars you shouldn't get clocked.. but YDI for getting caught... the best thing is when the police are speeding as long as you dont over take them they don't do crap here :P

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That's the typical predator/prey routine. The predator chooses the slowest and weakest of the herd. Thanks for letting us know that you are slow and weak. That might come in handy during a food shortage.

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Thank GOD we have a plan just in case we're all turned to zombies. I KNOW WHO'S BRAINS I'M GOING FOR!

So are you insinuating that you should not have received a ticket, because everyone was doing it? FYL because YDI.

Yeah, really. "But officer, I may be breaking the law, but everyone else is breaking it worse!"

YDI. You were speeding, by a large margin. If everyone else was going 85 and you were going 70, I'd have some sympathy. But either way, you were breaking the law. Why should it matter you were the least successful at it? YDI.

Hey, at least he didn't find the body in the trunk, right?

so YDI - speed limits are there for a reason! and of course the police will go for the slowest, is there any point in overtaking you to speed to catch the others up? (no.)

Actually there have been studies that have shown that Speed Limits are apparently there for no reason, since they don't do anything to increase safety.

You hit someone at 30, they're more likely to survive than if you hit them at 80. So yes, speed limits do increase safety and also the slower you go, the larger your breaking distance is, and that means you have less chance of hitting something.