By Yeppets - 27/07/2014 18:44 - United States

Today, I went to a comedy show with my mom, and they asked the audience members to yell out their problems as ideas for an improv skit. My mom yelled, "My daughter can't get a boyfriend!" FML
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You should've yelled "My mom is a judgmental bitch!"

Don't you love it when moms think their children are failures


Aww FYL OP! I'm sure you'll find someone amazing soon, just wait for him :)

she tried to help, unorthodox, but a try.

Don't you love it when moms think their children are failures

SystemofaBlink41 27

I know I do! Ha ha ha *laughter slowly turns into sobs*

You should've yelled "My mom is a judgmental bitch!"

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FYL indeed OP. There's someone out there for everyone! Just give it time!

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There are actually some people who just dont want a relationship in life. Maybe OP is aromantic?

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Well it could have been worse

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I cant see how that would be OP's moms problem. Maybe OP is happy being single. How would that even remotely effect the mother besides not having to worry that OP is having unprotected sex?

Lack of grandchildren, a single mother trying to make herself feel better, that awkward "my mom is more of a friend than a parent" relationship, etc.

Wait, how is that her problem? And what happens if you want a girlfriend instead?

Imagine the look on her mom's face if that happens X3

Boy, how rude of her! She stole your problem, OP! She should have let you tell the world you can't get a boyfriend! We all know you wanted to.

You know, you're very bad at detecting sarcasm.

Well you see, sometimes you read things on FML and you think that person must be kidding, but no, sometimes people are just that stupid, and when I read that I thought you were just that stupid

Nope. It was in fact you who was being stupid. ;P

HammyBear13 8

This is why we need a sarcasm font or emoticon or something.......

There are definitely times where I squint at something and read it a few times because I can't tell if someone is being sarcastic or stupid. Usually its about 50/50.