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By Anonymous - 20/11/2010 00:49 - United States

Today, I was running the track at my school. My crush of two years was running in front of me, so I decided to catch up and finally talk to her. When I caught up, the only thing I could think to say was, "What's your name?" even though I already knew. She replied, "Natalie". Her name is Melissa. FML
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Natalie, Melissa, pretty much the same thing if you ask me. It's either that or she has alter egos.

Queen_of_Night 20

You've have a crush on a girl for 2 years who you obviously have never spoken to because you knew her name but she had so little knowledge of you that she gave you a fake name. I have 2 words for you that I think will be in your near future, Restraining Order


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Thank you for that insightful and profound comment, #1. I am now a changed man.

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Someone comment is gonna be moderated foe saying "First" anyway, I feel bad for op.

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ughhh I hate the small keyboard is so small so I make so many mistakes. grrr!!!!!

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Today, I was running track at my school. My crush of two years was running behind me, so I decided to slow down and let him catch up. When he caught up, he asked, "What's your name?" even though he already knew knew. Out of nervousness I replied, "Natalie". My name is "Melissa". FML

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78- That really wasn't funny...

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bi-polar has nothin to do with this...

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78, knew knew? moar lyke snu-snu amirite gaiz??? ..... :/

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If you come in second, you are the first loser.

I know two sisters who's names are Natalie and Melissa and the look really similar but they're one year apart. js

shadyecko 0

Natalie, Melissa, pretty much the same thing if you ask me. It's either that or she has alter egos.

thank you for ending my misery :)(moderate me again)

epic pear ur comment wasnt moderated because ur text isnt in italic and stop wishing cuz it actually sucks to get moderated

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wow....that ******* blowssssss...dont worry theres alwys more fish in the sea...

What if he doesn't like fish? What if he's a vegetarian?

Then he is so screwed.... Haha. And not the good kind either.

mintcar 9

Maybe you should take the hint. She's clearly not interested.

It would seem that way, lol. I never quite understood having an emotional attachment to a person one barely knows. But what do I know, I'm not in middle school like OP apparently is.

mintcar 9

I agree. In order for me to have feelings for someone else, I must first know them. I can understand admiring from afar purely based on physical attraction, but having some sort of an emotional attachment without ever exchanging more than a few words with them is a little odd. Haha yeah, probably a Middle School thing. (I feel old. It's been years since I've been in Middle School. )

Haha, yeah, same here. I despise the word "crush." I don't think I've used that word to describe someone I like since middle school, lol.

Especially bad that its been for two years

Now you know to form a plan BEFORE you approach someone haha

How did you think you're going to get a good and sensible conversation while running track. Oh, and asking someone for their name is not the best pick up line. :)

there's never a time or place for pick up lines - Most Extraordinary Man Alive

dude what is so agonizing abt holding that balloon in ur pic that u would hav to make such a face???

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