Time to run

By friendlessatwork - 02/10/2012 18:27 - United States - Storrs Mansfield

Today, I got a coworker at my new job in trouble, because he kept harassing me and asking me out, even after I clearly told him I wasn't interested. Turns out he's very popular around here, and everyone now hates me for being a trouble-maker and not "taking a compliment." FML
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sounds like high-school.

That sucks OP. The popular douches never take "no" very well.


sounds like high-school.

1: What, where the OP finds herself in the center of a backward, unforgiving peer-culture rife with sexual harassment? Actually, that does sound like high school.

No mater what people do there will always be people that don't like what you do. What maters is if you can lay your head down at night and be ok with what you have done. It sounds like the people at your work need to grow up.

It's all about the he said she said bullshit!

Shadowvoid 33

Limp bizkit.

Shadowvoid 33

Limp bizkit.

It's call creating a hostile work environment. Complain again

Kn0wledge123 21

Fuck Limp Bizkit. They suck. Fleetwood Mac & Areosmith FTW. And dang that sucks OP. My sis best friend was in the same situation and upper management didn't give a flying ****. They even told her if she wants to get ahead she would have to show some skin, go on a few dates, and "open up" a couple times. And this came from the WOMEN. Needless to say she quit and thank God that company went under when the housing bubble burst. Hang in there. And sue his bitch ass if you have to.

That sounds terrible! Is that even legal for them to do? I feel like that is sexism because I doubt they were telling the men to "show some skin"

59 - My sister was a waitress with a restaurant that shall not be named (*cough*RubyTuesdays*cough*) and the corporate representative told her not to put her hair up in side buns (Princess Leia style) or side pony tails because it took the attention away from her "assets" (he then pointed at her breasts). She was sixteen. There are very definitely some scumbags out there.

rifletwirler92 15

Please tell me he didn't know she was 16. Granted it's still a terrible thing to say if you're of legal age but that makes it so much worse.

76 - I honestly don't know. My sister is pretty short and has a round face so people generally assume she's younger than she is, but god only knows what was going through his head.

Explain the situation then. Just because he's popular doesn't mean he gets to spread lies.

unknown_user5566 26

I don't think explaining would do any good, since the coworkers are obviously siding with the "popular guy".

It doesn't matter what the other employees think. OP did the right thing by reporting him; there are far too many harassers out there who think they are able to get away with anything.

RedPillSucks 31

I don't think that's the issue. OP clearly did the right thing by reporting him, but now she's in a toxic work environment because the other employees are taking sides (and not hers). It's possible that complaining to upper management may get OP moved to a new position away from the toxicity, but that only works in large companies. Given that she's new on the job, she's pretty much screwed. OP is expecting fairness where none exists.

#43: I've been sexually harassed before by a co-worker. The employee wouldn't stop touching me and making inappropriate advances against my wishes. I regret that I never reported the incidents to my boss because I was afraid of retribution from the other employees. Personally, the constant anguish and dread of going into work for yet another day of sexual harassment is not worth it. Also, OP is new and the other co-workers still don't know her. All they've know is that the new girl got an older employee in trouble. Maybe once they actually get to know OP, she'll make friends with the rest of her co-workers.

And him spreading lies i shown where in this FML?

49-If she's so new that her coworkers do not really know her then you have to wonder how long "kept harassing" really is and consider that maybe she overreacted and kind of deserves what she is getting. I mean I guess it depends on what you consider a new job...

That sucks OP. The popular douches never take "no" very well.

p3mguin 7

Most of them are rich and snobby...

unknown_user5566 26

16- How wonderfully stereotypical!

He's also the same girl who takes advantage of women because he tries to make them feel guilty for not hooking up with him.

50-All the other comments in this thread are stereotypical...

Nabee143 3

Yeah I say **** that guy and **** all those people too. No one should have to put up with crap like that at their workplace. You are there to work and not make friends so who cares! Just do your job, which you're paid to do and ignore everyone and everything that doesn't pertain to your job. Easy. I mean yes it's going to suck ass but who cares. That guy is an assface and probably thought he was so hot shit and was going the "bang" the new girl. Well good for you for not giving in to that spineless piece of shit bastard. Oops, I'm rambling. Sorry! Anyways, yeah definitely FYL. :(

p3mguin 7

Can you read, I said "most" how wonderfully stereotypical! :D

unknown_user5566 26

87- Yes, I can read. You're still making a general statement about popular people, therefore it's still stereotypical.

p3mguin 7

I said most, not all and all these commenters are hypocrites. Even you ...

unknown_user5566 26

116- I am going to have to break this down for you, aren't I? We've already established that I can read; since I can read, I am fully aware that you said "most". Referring to a group of people by saying "most ___ people are ___" is a generalizaton. Generalizing = stereotyping. Everyone can be hypocritical at some point, but what does it have to do with our current discussion?

Guy sounds like an egotistical moron.

thumb me down, but honestly I think if he's trying so hard then maybe give him a chance. maybe you may see why he's so "popular" and maybe you'll like him too? and if you don't then hopefully he'll understand, but if he doesn't then well... restraining order

No. No, no no no no. No girl is obligated to date a guy just because he's "trying so hard" or because he's popular. If she's not interested, then she's not interested. And that should be the end of it.

She doesn't owe him a chance. She owes him nothing.

sidewaysponytail 0

It's called "not wanting a stalker." Crazy idea, I know. FYL, OP!

No shame in doing the right thing

Fortunately your picture is very appropriate for this FML.

Haha i didn't even think about that :b

unknown_user5566 26

Accept his date, then come back to the office and tell everyone you had sex. The punch line? He's got a little willy.

gibby1235 6

wouldn't that make her coworkers think she is an easy ****? Most likely it will backfire and will get the attention of the other single men she works with because as far as they know, she gave it up on the first date.

Plant some roofies and act drunk going down road and get cops to search him?:)

unknown_user5566 26

26- You are taking me way too seriously.

What is it with small willies? I've heard you make several references to them recently...

unknown_user5566 26

92- I thought about that after I posted this, haha. Not sure why I'm so amused by them lately.

92- Probably has something to do with her other-half.

unknown_user5566 26

98- I assure you, it certainly does not.

100: I think you should put that in your profile.

unknown_user5566 26

Doctor- A disclaimer stating that while I am amused by small willy's, in actuality, I have no real-life experience with them?

You did NOTHING wrong!

You don't say.

Just harass him back. If he accepts your advances say Ha! Just kidding. Then you'll be the new jokester!

unknown_user5566 26

It would be difficult to harass him, considering he WANTS to go on a date with her. She'd just be giving him the attention he wanted in the first place.

The_sGTw_0979 4

Good point. Also, that's a pretty good way to get raped with a rage boner.

A lot of sexual harassment fml's today.

Not really. Unless you count condom head.

Yea well all my other comments get modded or deleted, so I can only make lame comments. This site is run by nuns out of their convent.