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Today, I realized that both my husband and son refer to me as "the bitch." FML
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They probably have a good reason for it especially since they BOTH call you that.

Then don't be a bitch. Pretty simple solution

Just because they both call her that, it doesn't mean she's actually a bitch. There are many instances where one parent tries to get their kid to 'turn' on the other simply because of their own ill feelings they have toward their spouse. The father could be teaching his son to call her that behind her back.

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Hey, we don't KNOW that she's a bitch. They could just be abusive jerks.

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The son might just be copying his dad. Kids are pretty impressionable. And who knows, maybe the dad's just a jerk. I love how everyone just assumes that because she's called a bitch, she's a bitch. And even if she is, that's pretty disrespectful.

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And @66, restating a comment much?

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She's obviously not a female dog

My husband doesn't call me a bitch unless I'm being one. If the father is teaching his son to call his mom a bitch just because he has resentment of some sort then he is a fool. I just assume she has a bitchy attitude therefore she got the nickname "the bitch". I also believe the boy is a teenager or older if he is allowed to use that language.

Yeah, there could be a good reason, like a bratty kid siding with the dad who could be useless around house so the wife who otherwise might have reasonable requests is a bitch in this household. But think whatever you like.

If that were the case I don't think she would be with him.

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Exactly. You don't get called a bitch when you're nice...

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^ in my school you do. i understand what you mean, but sometimes people label others a certain word out of spite or for no reason at all. welcome to my school! :)

That comma is complety unecessary #1 ^

Doesn't get much simpler than that. A name like that doesn't come unwarranted.

15 - Mine is exactly the same. If you wear black = emo, sarcastic = bitch/bastard, nice = loser, jerk (boy) = popular, and **** (girl) = popular. The list goes on.

Agreed that OP should probably examine her attitude and treatment of others but still, it's pretty hurtful to be so disrespected by your family. OP, this seems like a good time for all three of you to sit and discuss how you all would like to be treated and start fresh. Otherwise you're headed for dysfunctionalism and a toxic home life. No one deserves that.

I'm wondering how she found out about her nickname.

Don't worry 102 once you start college no one gives a **** what you are. :D

48- nobody here cares about your school

Most likely OP is a clean freak, which annoys the hell out of the father and son. Thats my guess though, because most of the time women in the house tent to be organized and like to keep things clean.

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189- Maybe so wherever you live, but in the U.S, we call our mothers things like mom, mama, mommy, mother, etc.

I live in the U.S and I call her mum or mummy.

There's two ways this could be perceived. 1. She's a bitch and is a horrible person who's terrible to everyone around her. 2. She does EVERYTHING for them and she's "their bitch". Just wanted to point that out.

Nice theory, 218, but it's not usual to use "the" in that context. It would most likely be "our", "my", or "his" to show the dominance over the "bitch" in question.

A son has no right to call his mother a bitch. That "bitch" probably wiped his ass for most of his sorry life the ungrateful little shit.

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IT'S OK. I'll admit I am a bitch (in slang term not female dog reference) I am told it many times a day. Lol

Or, the kid is a brat and the dad is lazy.

Has anyone stopped to consider that maybe OP is a complete and total bitch? What if she's overbearing, lazy, and abusive and the father has done most of the work in raising the son? Get off your high horses. You don't know enough from a one sentence FML to judge their lives.

To play Devil's Advicate: what if she is in an abusive relationship and feels she has no way out? Her husband treats her like crap, the son sees it and emulates his fathers actions because he knows his mother either can't or won't correct him. There are too many unaccounted for variables for us to assume that she is simply a bitch.

178- I always thought men like it when the woman keep the house clean.. I guess it could get pretty annoying though.

166 - And on the Internet, nobody gives a **** about you or what you do. And this is where I will apply Internet Rule 20.

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People don't get that name from cleaning too much. They get it for being a bitch constantly.

Same for my school. I just be nice and take the loser rep. I know who my friends are and wouldn't trade them to be popular and have a bunch of fake friends.

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That's when you know something's wrong with you.

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168- wrong with her?! How about the appalling lack of respect from her husband and especially her son?

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Well there is definitely a reason why they're calling her that.

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Well if you're not bitch, then you should give them a real reason to call you a bitch, like putting ghost peppers in their sammichs. >;-) But if you are a bitch to them, then you totally deserve it.

Why the ****, would she EVER want to give them a reason? That's like saying you wrote your comment because you want people to justify your idiocity.

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As my moth said, if you say It I might as well do it. It isn't the best motto, but if she can't change their minds on her being a bitch than be a real bitch so they appreciate the old her.

Well what did you do to make them call you that?

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She does not make them pie or sandwiches.

Call your husband 'the dick' and your son 'the dick j.r'. That could work unless you insist on not doing it.

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Oh no, here come the "divorce him!" comments... But with an added twist maybe, "put your son up for adoption!"

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I'm adopted. My real parents couldn't afford my abortion.

I don't understand why people think divorce is always the answer. You'd think it would occur to them that they should at least try to work it out before they resort to that. ..Anyway OP, if it was just your son then it would probably be out of anger. But both of them? There must be something to it.

I'm not sure why divorce is the first thing that comes to people's minds. You'd think they would want to try and work things out.

57 - People aren't as smart as they used to be. There are some of us that are still smart...some.

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MrBrightside- I'm glad your parents couldn't afford an abortion! That is horrible and if someone ever can't afford a child, adoption is the only smart answer.

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One dose not simply " not be a bitch"

135: The OP needs one dose of "Not-be-a-bitch".

#145 One does not use a dose in this type of situation (had to say it)

you need one dose of not-have-bad-grammar

Ok this is a bit off topic but what do girls mean by leave the toilet seat up and so they fall in? Cause everyone I know has a toilet where the top seat isnt open so idk why a girl would just sit on it to take a piss. Or is it that everyone in the world except for me and my friends has a toilet where there is only one lid? Idk if I explained that well but I've always wondered about that. And Maybe they should look before squatting

198- bitches can never recognize when they're being bitches. That's why their bitches.

The next time your brother says that to you reply "it you would stop being a slobby bastard I wouldn't have to be a bitch"

213- It usually happens when you wake up in the middle of the night and don't bother to look because you're so groggy and the next thing you know you're in the toilet

I don't know why I found this so funny

4 you have 99 thumbs up and a bi..... Oh. Nevermind.

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She means both of then should be laying down.

My brother threatened me with a hot frying pan once. Came at me with it and I stood my ground. He stopped and walked away. If your brother ever hurts you physically, you make sure you mess him up good after you recover. 's what I would've done. I'm second oldest in my family and have four brothers (one older). I don't take shit from any of them. Standing up for yourself and common decency isn't rude.

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Yo that's crazy. U should do somethin bout that

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Yo, you should do somethin bout that grammar dawg

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Dont be a bitch then. Pretty simple solution

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Was it really necessary to censor that?