By edulover - 01/01/2011 01:16 - United States

Today, my mom duly informed me I'm the reason people have middle fingers. FML
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giantsfan2010 23

Tell your mom she's the reason douches were invented.

Rawrzie 0

well, without you we wouldn't have any fun.


LadiiFresH 0

lol you must be a real ass hole!!! ydi

Um, excuse me, 1, but I believe you owe him a little more respect than that, as it is thanks to OP you have those middle fingers.

ICaughtFire 4

Sooo... Starlile, how do you kick ass?

That's awesome!

OP should just say that the mother is the reason OP has middle fingers.

Lol, your mum sounds awesome!!

mzshorty 0

that's hilarious

So true :L LMFAO

2- if that is your ass, you should change your pic. it does not look good.

Rawrzie 0

well, without you we wouldn't have any fun.

giantsfan2010 23

Tell your mom she's the reason douches were invented.

musickraze45 0

hahaha good one!

Idiot... You probably deserve it. Suck it up, sir.

5, you fail. OP is a Woman.

Your point? I'm allowed to call her sir if I want. Sheesh, kids these days.

I know right? I keep mine on a leash

hahaIdiot 2

7- you fail. how could you know OP is a woman?

noto_fml 0

well 42 take your ownage and never show your face here again.

How would we finger if it wasn't for you? Thank-you OP.

whippymcdumb4zs 0

you pic made me throw up a lil bit srry

rachness 0

omfg either tone your ass or put on some actual shorts

lemonypower 6

She is probably a troll...

okay 12 u have to be gay

fyl for taking a joke seriously :(

yea I don't think people would joke in that manner...

noto_fml 0

a mother wouldn't joke like this unless she was .......... nah she wouldn't joke like that.


OP, I'd like to personally thank you for my middle finger. And now I'd like you to personally thank me for what the middle finger means presently.

BahahahLOL 0


19, if I were a pedo your mother wouldn't have been so pleased with the thrashing I gave her last night. It's good I wore a condom. We don't need another accident like yourself thrown into the mix :)

BahahahLOL 0

GASP :0... you're god?

derpherp 0

Gasp! You're Brok?!

BahahahLOL 0

Brock Obama's the name. Don't wear it out.

Awww, come on guys. Do you mean Barack? :)

#20 obviously does not know her Pokemon characters.

DAMN IT BROCK this is weegee territory go catch a pokemon or something

BahahahLOL 0

I'm gonna go perv over Misty

therealsuperman 0

you bastards just stay away from Lois....

Nobody wants Lois. Seriously.

weirdo1253 0

you know misty is the only one he doesn't perv on sorry had to point that out :P