By Anonymous - United States - Denton
  Today, I checked out a "confessions" page for my university. The first confession was from a guy who whacked off in a campus restroom then used a computer in a lab without washing his hands. I work in that lab. FML
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  Valdrek  |  26

Cum now gentleman, lets Jizz quit while we're ahead and beat it, especially you pleonasm. I don't want to come off as a jerk, but don't push the argument with me as I am a master(de)bater. Now if you do have a sperm moment, I semen coming in the distance and could use some backup incase things get whacky.

Yeah I know I was clutching for straws at the end there :P.

  Pleonasm  |  34

Now, now, guys, let's not all slap our dicks on the table here, this isn't a pissing contest.
But I always found it quite funny to get told to stop punning via the medium of punning ;)
Anyhow, no need for everyone to be so stiff about this.

  HowieDoIt  |  21

I hope everyone can get along and rub this one out. I know we're balls deep in frustration here, so we have to think long and hard of how to forgive. It'd be so satisfying to see a happy ending here!

  Pleonasm  |  34

I know Sony are some shady mofos, but I don't think they'd intentionally jizz on all my keys!
(what's wrong with your spelling today? Don't blame autocorrect!)

By  Fmylab  |  8

That's really gross, but it's not news that people are gross. You went looking for people's dark secrets, found one that's honestly not that surprising, so YDI for being grossed out.