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Today, my boyfriend broke up with me. He also decided the best way to end our relationship was to kill me and our virtual child on The Sims 3 by setting us on fire. FML
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Maybe he wished you were hotter

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Maybe he wished you were hotter

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childish much? better watch out chick

Maybe he wanted more time to play Sims! What a moron!! fyl for ever dating him

It could have been a lot worse! he could have put you in the pool, and taken the ladder out =D

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No marinus he coulda changes his fb status from "in a relationship to single". Then fml would have another fb story. -.-

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Maybe, you just don't belong in his kind of reality. Be glad, you got rid of that immature moron.

12 - lmfao i loved doing that if I was in the mood to be cruel :P but then I always felt guilty and didn't save so when I came back later they'd still be alive :)

maybe you need to lose a few polygons so he can find u attractive again

I once made a family on The Sims and made a two story house with nothing in it. Then I made them go upstairs and then I deleted the stairs and watches them slowly die. Good times.

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Polygons? I'd say pixels, pretty sure computer animations aren't necessarily made of polygons.

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Uh, okay. Sure, guess not. There is absolutely no fooling me.

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It's not that bad, he could have set you on fire...

maybe you're right. my joke wouldve been tremendously funnier had I said pixels instead of polygons.

or perhaps if I had said 'sprites' instead of either words, I may have made even IrishJaneDoe laugh.

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LOL 42 that's priceless! I'll try it

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boohoo it's a game. you can always make another family. dur

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Haha. I'm still not sure what he meant by sex box though...

how old are you? lol still I love the sims but I would never create a family with my bf on there :L

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how do u set your sims on fire???

Someone already posted this FML. Either OP is a thief, or the boyfriend is unimaginative.

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hire a HitSim to take his out.

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12- That doesn't work in the sims 3, they can climb out without a ladder now..

I miss when your sim could get hit by a satellite while gazing at the sky...none of that in sims 3..

THAT IS EPIC. they were probably like "AHHHH!! this place is on fire!!!!! OMG MY CHILD!!! where are you?!!? *childs already dead* "NOOOOO!!! I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!" *spark hits her shirt and goes on fire* "AHHHHHH!!!!! IT BUUUURRRNNNNS!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! while the ex bf is sitting outside happily listening to the screams of pain. o_O good thing it wasn't real life huh?

the relationship can't start over tho

#95 because you touch yourself at night.

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YDI for dating someone who plays the sims. :/

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Ima tie you to the bed and catch this house on fire

54: I'm not sure how to take that. O.o I laugh at lots of comments. If you're looking for someone who's a challenge to amuse, I think you should go for sallen. That guy/girl never cracks a smiley, let alone a Ha! or a LOL.

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44... 3d figures in computers are created with polygons. poly for short

and i once did the same thing too, haha

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I'm amazed how many people say he's immature.. while replying to the first post to get to the top.

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thaaats cold? or in this case hot?

To #114, just because you play sims, doesn't mean your automatically weird or stupid! It's like saying if I eat a donut I'm automatically an obese person.

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Likee firee hotterr. Haha. My jokes.

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awwhhhhh man ..... whens that game coming out on xbox or well i call it the sex box but meh we all use them differently.

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The sex box? Ladies and gentlemen, I think this brings us to out next segment, Virgins and the Things They Put In Random Holes.

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*Our, sorry about that. I'm not very fond of iPod keyboards.

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6 definitely watches big time rush in his spare time.

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Big time rush? What the hell is that?

Some dumb nick show :P Its like a boy band or some stupid shit

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Hm. Thought it was like sone kind of new drug you kids are experimenting with. I thought they already had a boy band though, those naked brother guys. Am I out of date or something?

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97, if you're out of date, so am I. I've never heard of any naked brothers band... or whatever they were talking about before.

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Haha. I have three sisters and a female cousin that basically live at my house, so usually I'm up to date on this Nickelodeon stuff. I've never heard of Big Time Rush, but the Naked Brother Band is some mediocre band thingy that I thought was Nick's pride and joy (what the Jonas Brothers were to Disney). I don't know, I think I'm getting behind, haha.

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big time rush isn't all that bad, but the naked brothers band was just plain out stupid

That certainly is a little on the morbid side...

If he is such a child, you are better of without him :)

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that's hilarious! the sims 3 is the best ******* game ever; btw

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sims one was good but I don't see how it was better ?

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I can't even tell you how many times I nailed Oprah in Sims 1. bitch was a horndog.

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Oprah? haha wtf i think sims one was to simple.

best game agreed and your fuckinn beautiful :O