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Today, my mum thought it would be acceptable to tell my school that the reason I will not be attending classes is because I have "the shits." FML
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You mean that isn't an acceptable excuse? That's why the attendance(spell that right?) lady always gives me wierd looks...

So I'm guessing you posted this from the bathroom

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The only thing not to do simultaneously in the bathroom is talk on the phone.

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I agree with 42. It's like my own little sanctuary.

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sounds like a SHITTY pun intended. sorry i know. i had to do it

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29, actually I'm pretty sure it's wierd ? right ? ..

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Hahaha you must love your mom for that one

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News flash: pouting the lips makes you look like a retard...

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the reason you don't like them is because they still ground you haha

39 - news flash: spiderman was elementary school.

oh for sure. they're amazingly awesome and never embarrassing.

At least you don't have to go to school :) But you're probably a teenager, so FYL anyway!

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lol why are you talking about teens? you look like you're 14.

well I'll take that as a compliment I guess because I'm 23.

She might look like she's 14 but damn she looks good! :P

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Brace yourself, because she's about to rock your world. You are the FML Pimp Master!

tasana, don't be a hater! besides, I'm not trying to pick up guys on fml, lol.

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wow I'm 23. I was thinking I was about the oldest person in here with all the youngins. congrats on being free of teen years. sach probably feels there is nothing wrong to jerkin it to fully clothed minors' pics. sorry had to say it though it disgusts even me

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I know your not, it just seems really low to hit on girls on the interwebs O.o Some one is gonna slam me for that...

no I agree, it is pathetic to hit on girls online. isn't that what eharmony is for? not fml.

well calling a girl preaty, beautiful. or whatever else people call you on here it really depends on the person giving the compliment cus if they just say btw you look preaty. after there comment on the fml that's ok but if they comment and say hey 34 (random #) ur so hot that's creepy... I know you didn't ask but that's my personal opion.. O_o

WTF are you talking about? my name isn't Katie.

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I had a feeling. I wasn't going to call that one, because I've never seen that particular picture.

wtf? what exactly about my pic says "fake"? If it's fake, then show me online where you see it then bitch

it's connected to my myspace dumbass. wow, that's sad that you are out there trying to search for me. how cute.

btw, I think if you type in "monkey" in google, your pic comes up. js

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LOL! She doesn't know what to say now that she's been caught. She comes on here as "the new girl" and claims to be a Grammar Nazi, when she can't even spell "you're." If she's 23, I fear for her life. Given the nature of her PM to me.

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Holy hell who cares?? If she wants to put up a pic a herself or some one else, so what?! So long as she doesn't insult some one elses pic. Which she just did.

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Awwww, FFML beat me to the grammar nazi call out :(

who the f*ck cares if I spelled your or you're. seriously, get a freaking life. and even it was a fake pic, who cares? you people are pathetic. and I never said I was 21, I'm 23. and I don't play the "looks" card, but obviously you all are jealous. grow up. it's FML

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aww look. Krystal change her pic cuz she looks like a monkey.

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Jealous of what? I corrected myself. I meant 23. The point is, when you pretend to be something that you're not, you will get called out on it. Instead of messaging me "stfu ur fat" like an immature little girl, why don't you say what you have to say and walk away. I warned you about the site. You just didn't listen. You my friend deserve it.

what MSG? I never sent you a MSG. ohh I'm so scared because you "warned" me. I'm going to cry now. the only reason I'm on here is because I broke my leg and have nothing to do. so get a life. ffml you are lame. and btw, I'm not ur friend.

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Who said you have to be scared? You get crazier by the minute. Especially since you can't remember a message you sent 10 minutes ago. Go to your inbox and scroll down to your sent messages. OK, NOW I'M GOING TO CRY.

ok wow it's so funny that FFML and the other guy were all talking cool with the girl with the fake pic then this other girl gets on here and calls her out now y'all are all bagging on her now! i agree that she should put up a real pic but I just thought it was funny that y'all turned so fast haha

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"Talking all cool" All of my respect for a person goes out the window when they message me some creepy shit. I'm glad you found it so interesting though!

Krystal ur freaken Beast you made me lol so many times reading this like real talk! hahaha great job :)

LOL. wow. this is my real pic. you can't prove it's fake so suck it:) you're just mad cuz u know ur lying:)

LOL. you r just mad cuz I called YOU out for being a liar. like I said, if my pic is fake, then prove it. I genuinely feel sorry for you

91 are you stupid she just said that it's on google images the 3d page and I looked it up and it's sitting right there.. start reading the comments!!

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lmfaoo Krystal. all these little girls trying to be something their not. shame. I gotchu u girl haha

Haha Isabella you dumb **** that picture is in google and definitely not you!

eharmony is a way hit flirt online. I'm more about the real world socializing

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Bite your tongue, Anna. You're trying to be nice! Remember!

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everyone just shut up, krystal why do you care if her picture is fake and why is everyone being mean to isabella, SHE BROKE HER LEG!!!!! just calm sown everyone and i domt know why people are bagging on iaabella, krysta is the one that is creepy for searching isabella!!

I really doubt she actually broke her leg..

she searched for the picture because she had a hunch that it was fake... I can't say I disagree, it looks fake to me too... but then again I'm too lazy to check so I'll just be on the neutral side and say, "can't we all just get along?"

112.... your comment made me think "LEAVE BRITTNEY ALOOONE!!!!"

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Would you rather her tell them about your horrible squirting herpes outbreak?

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Yea, why wouldn't it be? Nobody wants you in school doing that shit...

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