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Today, I got my period at school. I didn't notice until a boy asked me if I'd killed someone in my pants. FML
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Airman1988 9

I don't trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die.

*cuts both wrists* i'll tell you in a week


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I didn't get the invitation, nobody loves me :'(

kbtoyz69 9

Maybe it's a party for vampires.

Do women really not notice when they start o.O

Mostly we do. Sometimes we don't. Being asleep is often a tricky situation, but since OP probably wasn't sleeping, I think she sat in a a special position were she was unable to notice that her pants slowly got wetter. Maybe she sat with her legs open, who knows.

23, Oh I never really knew. Just hope she wasn't wearing white! hah

I HATE it when that happens! The school I went to sold pads in the nurses office. It's a good thing I never wear white pants.

#20 Not all the time; which usually results in humiliating consequences. I tend to find that it's easier to read the signs of an upcoming period as you get older. When you're younger though, you can misinterpret those signs. When I was in my teens I didn't realize I was 'On' twice; I've never been so embarrassed. Now, I always seem to know; I'm able to read my bodily changes a lot easier and keep on track. Some girls always know, it's just one those things.

63 is right, when I was a lot younger I had no idea. It takes time to read your body's signs.

kevsnev 7

Awkward moment when Bella gets her period and Edward is a vampire.

HogwartsDropout7 0

I know this is gonna be thumbed down, but *there's.

Not really... I just get a tingly feeling and if I don't notice the tingly feeling then I'm shit outta luck :P

kickboxingchick 5

No, they really don't notice when they start. Don't you think if they did they would get a pad or tampon before it went through their pants, genius?

114 - that comment along with that profile picture just gave me a horrid mental image.

sometimes and dude that is the absolute worst! I really feel for this kid

GovernorGeneral 8

Ew lol. A girl in my class got up once and her chair was covered in some red stuff. Me and this guy were the only ones that saw it. But then another person came and sat on it. Im pretty sure it was that girls period...but eww Dx Feel bad for OP. its funny how the dude told Op about it xD

Ninetales247 2

if bella already turned into a vampire, she wouldn't be going through puberty, but still, lol

Ninetales247 2
Airman1988 9

I don't trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die.

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

It just means we are muchh stronger than men (; could youu bleed for 7 days and not die?

*cuts both wrists* i'll tell you in a week

Hey I'd trust a women and they bleed throughout most their life's

It's blood from released eggs that aren't being fertilized. It's not blood that we actually need. It's like guys who ejaculate sperm. If you never do, your sperm will build up, right? Except our eggs release on their own.

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

27-k thanks(: be sure to get back to me.

Airman1988 9

I'm gonna stop the period bleeding explanation comments now, this is a line from a Southpark episode, if you don't watch it you wont get it. I am aware of how&why periods happen/work so spare me any further explanation.

Ohhh. I heard it before but forgot about it. I still hope my explanation helped lol.

Airman1988 9

Its ok I just thought I would throw that out there before explanations got too detailed or people thought I was stupid LOL.

Lmao the blood isn't what releases the egg (though the egg is relesed at the same time). The blood builds up to develop a baby. Once the egg isn't used the body releases blood before it goes bad. And then builds again. You're chances of getting pregnant is less while on a period.

#30, sorry but I have to step in here. Only the first 3 words of your comment are correct. Google, biology texts/teacher, etc, may help you find the right reasons why this happens. I give you an A for effort, though.

marpay 11

21- that baby picture is too freaking adorable.

The bs coming from girls about their periods is killing me. Looks like its going to take a man to set things straight. The blood comes from the endometrium which is inside lining the womb. During your cycle it builds up preparing for fertilisation and when the egg isn't fertilised it doesn't implant. Then the lining sloughs off during your period, along with the egg. Takes approximately 7 days in most ladies. Now please stop writing rubbish in here. Lolz at the "blood building up for the baby comment"

Airman1988 9

LOL go figure the post becomes a learning experience about periods anyway.

Also, lol at 30- saying the eggs bleed. Also what do you think happens to our sperm when it builds up? Massive balls? No it gets broken down. Still, you have great imaginations!

I have a baby and I know the eggs don't have the blood. I was just saying that you bleed when they release. I read all the books on it and knew I create more blood to support the baby. I just worded it wrong. SORRY if I led you the wrong way. Sheesh

#29, let's say a period lasts on average 5-7 days, at a rate of one per month, this equals to about 2-3 months through the course of the year, or 16.6 - 25%. For a woman to bleed throughout most of her life, she would have to live for only 3-5 months. Or if you mean they have their period most their lives, closer to just a 1/3 of their life would be more accurate. [I can tutor for €20/hour]

You can have several imaginations? Sounds like you have a good imagination.

Tsunami, thanks for the explanation. I was too busy bashing my head against my steering wheel to correct her. *continues bashing*

tsunami87 is the only one correct about period blood origins here.

#55 thanks for the clarification, but there's no need to be sexist about how it takes a man to explain this. I don't understand why people comment on these things when they have no idea what they are talking about. Leave it for people like DocBastard to explain it for you.

Do you not see that I didn't mean the eggs bleed or the blood is what releases it? I already explained the misinterpretation.

Trisomy18 4

55- to bad you can't spell fertilized ...

I didn't say anything like your balls get huge. You just have a higher sperm count....

Why the thumbs down people. I wasn't trying to give a full explanation on the reason for a period. I just talked around it. It's not that damn serious.

falon142012 22

too bad you can't use the correct form of too.

Trisomy18 - I'm going to show you "DocBastard's Easy 3 Step Program To Avoid Looking Like A Dumbass". Ready? Step 1: Go to google and look up "British English". Step 2: Realise that the entire English-speaking population outside the US spells certain words slightly differently than you. Step 3: Come back here and apologise to Tsunami. That's it! Easy, right?

Laurenlou 24

I honestly cannot believe the number of women on here that do not have the correct explanation for a period. And as for the men... I guess that's knowledge for the sake of knowledge. However, I do not feel like arguing on a website, so come on ladies, Google it!!

Trisomy18, he did spell it right. There's more than one way to Correctly spell more than a handful of words depending where you hail from. Ever notice honor and honour? Color and colour? Even that little difference occurs on the same North American continent, from USA to Canada. And now adding an edit to this as I realized that DocBastard already explained this, and he did it better than I did. :P Bleh.

This whole thread was ridiculously hilarious to read. How do people not even know what's going on with their own bodies?!

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Honestly, ladies? You get your period every month. Haven't you ever wondered how it works? A few of these answers.. Oh my god. My faith in the value of knowledge in society is dwindling. Come on, ladies.

Glitterhinoceros 14

Why would 12 year old girls ask their mothers about this stuff, when they can just ask FML?

4wow4 0

lol that made me lol!!! But I didn't get any of that

If fertilization doesn't occur, the corpus luteum starts to degenerate, that's around day 28, the levels of progesterone and estrogen go down (because the corpus luteum was the one maintain the hormones' high levels), the endometrium,which is the inner lining of the uterus, breaks as it was the progesterone maintaining it,causing periods.( the estrogen is to stimulate the repair and development of the endometrium incase u get knocked up, also when the levels go down,follicle stimulating hormone is not inhibited anymore which enables the cycle to repeat itself) A girl had to set things right on behalf of all the other girls :)

#2 -- I don't trust anything with two functioning heads, so I guess we're even. :)

Sorry for the smarty-pants lesson btw..I had to let my genius shine :D

101-because that would eliminate the point. People on fml or simply trying to correct the wrong for the sake of them knowing. Eventually docbastard and tsunami would be overcome.

kickboxingchick 5

118, I like your effort but I did not understand a word you just wrote.

120 - You just gave me the answer to why I treat men the way I do. "I don't trust anything with two functioning heads."

126- don't worry, you'll learn all about it if you take a-level biology I think :)

I don't trust anything that two heads and one brain! Hehe

DocBastard and Draco, thanks for the good d in my absence. You're absolutely correct about variations on certain words like fertilisation, hell my phone autocorrects to the s every time. Seems like trisomy18 hasn't gotten past step 1 - googling British English Oh well, I didn't hold my breath. I just hope people have realised blood doesn't build babies and eggs don't bleed until they go bad *buries hand in face*

#76, mrszane93, everything you're posting is very wrong, maybe you should just stop...Sorry... :)

Pssssst: number eighty-one, it's actually you're, just letting you know.

Sorry, but I have to say your tutoring would probably suck. You even said it yourself... 16.6-25% of a year... so how exactly would that be closer to 1/3 of one's life? Think you mean 1/4?

#181, if a lady has her period for an average of 30 years, and lives for 90 years, then 1/3 is correct. 1/4 would mean women would have to live for about 120 years. Also, I said it was closer to this than "most of their lives". The percentages I stated were the period rate in a year, not a lifetime. Re-read if you must, and then come back to apologise. I'm waiting. [I can tutor math and biology. Packs are available]

theDOGgoesIDGAF 0

It's so sad how most girls don't know why the hell it is that we bleed :p ahaha lol. Thanks to the people who talk without having a clue about half the crap they are typing, don't judge all girls because a few of them don't know how there bodies work.

theDOGgoesIDGAF 0

Mrszane you really don't know how the women's body works, so please don't talk about how men's testicles work. If they don't have sex for let's say years and years it doesn't mean they have a more fertile sack it doesn't get freakishly large it's normal, they throw the same amount it only stays in there system for about 1 week before the sperm die then it's another 3 days it just gets absorbed by the body.

someone push mrszane into that hole she keeps digging bigger.

100 - If you can explain the steps in an action potential in a neuron to me without looking it up, and I mean down to what ions and chemicals are involved, I'll be a little surprised. You think every day, don't you? Haven't you ever wondered how your neurons fire? Maybe you do know and I'm being judgmental, but most people have no idea how their body functions, except for the obvious stuff like you smell things with your nose, you hear things with your ears, etc. Most also couldn't explain exactly how those "obvious" processes work either. It's not just women who don't know anything about their bodies.

Yes, any female who says their stronger Thane men are dumbfucks, 1. You're physically not 2. The only reason you take pain better than men is you're unlucky enough to be mammals. 3. Throughout history you've Been the pampered ones. 4. come home to you're husband who has done all the meaningless tasks in the house and bitches at you for not listening to him after all the real work you've done. 5. Pay for EVERYTHING 6.have sex only when he's in the mood, witch never happens to be when you want to. 7.Live shorter! 8. Pay the alimony.

I don't trust anything that has 2 heads and one brain.

Well, I don't trust something with two heads and only one brain !

dd809 9

Yeah, it would be difficult to not notice if someone crawled into your pants and you stabbed them to dea...wait I think I read the fml wrong

IKickPuppiesHard 16

You could have named this porno "Who dun it?" then changed your stage name to Red Velvet.

5 I don't know if I'm more grossed out by this disgusting fantasy involving period blood or the fact it's involving a school aged girl, either way... No.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

92- You can be grossed out by whatever you like, has shit to do with me or anyone else for that matter. I personlly do not have a fantasy for period blood but I also do not like vorarephilia, mechanophilia or macrophilia but someone does. You can go be grossed out by them too. As for age school could easily be college but it is debateable.

You can't just connect FMLs like that. There has to be similarities in the story... Connect is not the right word, but it is 6:36 AM here and I can't think of something better.

I thought it was funny like when comedians bring up jokes they used earlier in their skit in other circumstances. Because it's funny, that's why they do it, because it's funny, get the picture, it's supposed to be a joke not English class, and who are you to say she can't do something?

salyeldin 4

I just read ahead and figured put what happened, lol hot blonde chick god job with that!

that blows. sounds like a joke though, so i wouldn't worry too much

barneystinson555 12
saaaamscriv 9

You have the best user name ever. Just saying.

gabbiechaoss 5

Just say that you cut yourself shaving your ******.

tweetbaby14 18

Everyone doesn't shave in the middle of class and throw the hair at people's faces?

xStaciexLynnx 15

Yeah because THAT would be less awkward than just admitting you have your period.

anzie_fml 9

Yes #9, that shall "shave" the day (sarcasm)

Aw, poor you. Strange you didn't notice it, but yeah, that can happen. I hope you had your pads/tampons with you (and something to cover your pants), otherwise it really must have been a super shitty day. And I hope your classmates acted mature about it. But that boy had a witty response, I must say.