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  Keyman1212  |  14

Actually, that bitch is jealous, and she got bored of living vicariously through you, so she threw em out. "You ain't doing something right if you ain't got em hating."

  kiwiwirox  |  0

wat does op mean any way..... u really should throw out sumthing really expensive lyk a game console or a camera u now sumthing that will piss her off so bad sheeed shit her pants or short shorts

  Jammy01jams  |  2

37 - haha mom I threw out my gameboy, and xbawks! Take that!

Oh wait. You don't care do you?

  1greatsk8er  |  0

Actually most trophies are from the childhood dicks that thought the were pro at the age of 12. So he must be an adult that live with his mom always looking back to his "glory days". He is probably the manager at some run down dollar store. 40 year old virgin.


9 - It is true that they are just things but they are proof that you achieved it. Who's going to believe you if you don't have proof? Would you let a total stranger that doesn't even have proof of a doctor's degree give you a liver transplant?