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Wrong end of the stick

Today, while teaching my kindergarten class, I had a feeling I was starting my period again. A boy in the class asked me what a period was. Stressing over my own, I briefly told him it's a woman's time of the month when they have mood swings. He was asking about the dot at the end of a sentence. FML
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  ZleveL  |  0

please, my idiot grade 1 teacher taught us about sex, because there was a naked sculpture in an art book. I WAS 5 YEARS OLD! it definetley scarred me

  ouchthatsux  |  0

94- it's true, You aren't the center of the universe just cause you have your period. Boys can go through moods after breaking up or things like that, but we aren't asking for fucking praise are we?

  kkmaclay  |  3

Guys are te ones who expect us to clean up after them, make them food, and suck their dicks. And WE'RE the ones who need to learn the world doesn't revolve around us?!?

  stephan18  |  23

131 - shut the hell up... I bet you don't say that crap when you're cumming all over your bf face after 5 minutes of tongue action or when he pays you stuff cuz I'm betting with that attitude you don't pay for much

By  junjouromantica  |  0

#5, stop being an asshole.

It's hard to think straight if blood is staining your underwear and possibly going through your clothes for everyone to see. And on top of that, this world does not need that sexist attitude.

And by the way, it's "you're on your period," learn some grammar. Baka.

  okay17  |  7

#100, I'm a woman and I agree with him too. Even if you're speaking to a kindergartener, why would you mention it's when a woman has mood swings? That's not true for a lot of women, and it gives young boys the excuse early on of "oh, she's just on her period."


It's not just a lot of women it's not true for, it's most. Only women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder actually have mood swings around their period, and they make up only about 8% of women. Many who don't actually have mood swings think they do because when they're on their period they blame the emotions they'd feel whether they were on their period or not on their period.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Oh, I'm sorry you think that #6 and #8. If you excuse me I must be having a sympathy period as my other half is on.

Ok, try this. I haven't had sex in weeks so it's hard to think with all this testosterone building up in my balls.

Still no? Well then FYL because you obviously don't understand sarcasm or comedy

  ChloeC926  |  9

Just one day, guys shuld have periods and have the worst cramps in da whole world so they learn wat we go through! And u noe wat?! U guys r ppl r all assholes for being sexists! Im not saying u boys dont go through stuff as bad but damn it! Just give us a break for a little! >:(