By Sleeeeeep - 19/08/2010 04:10 - France

Today, I had to tell my doctor the real reason why I can't sleep at night for him to prescribe me anymore Ambien: I still have the irrational fear that there are monsters in the closet. I'm 22. FML
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Its probably just R kelly . He has been trapped in that closet for a while.

this is a definite FYL, you can't choose what you're scared of, even if it's not real. hence why it's called an "irrational" fear.


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oooo ouch

Peacemaker9 7

ouch indeed....and sorta sad I mean cmon now that like me still thinking there's a tooth fairy or Santa clause and I'm 17

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haha 1 said it all! still, not all your fault I suppose(: it may he something op can't control.

Peacemaker9 7

may have a point there....

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can I have your ambien? I have a real reason i acctually can't fucking sleep. that's why I'm on here right now. YDI OP

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Actually, OP, you need to go see a psychiatrist rather than just a therapist. Because you might have some kind of disorder, since it's not normal to be scared of monsters at your age.

don't worry the closet monster won't rape your ass

11 same's 4:39 am :/

SettoFail 9

yeah your an hour ahead of me /: this shit sucks I'm gonna flip.

yeah it sucks ass..I think I'm tired..just can't fall asleep, meh this is shitty :(

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yeah exactly. I desperately want to sleep but I can't. fuck

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*jumps out OPs closet* BOO!! hahaha lame

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don't worry OP, you can always find somebody to check the closet. =D

my sis said she saw a ghost in our house ...she's 23 and she was actually scared :|

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:( Monsters are pretty scary. My 3year old cousin agrees.

OMG so does my sister ! ... but shes 4. :)

forget the doctor go see the shrink

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Did anyone else have a little bit of trouble reading this FML?

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well that's because there ARE monsters in your closet.

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and I guess u believe in santa claus too?

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no worries bro. you're Teddy bear is there to protect you :) YDI GTF over it k.

I used to have that fear when I was 5-7 my babysitter told me she threw a glass of water at it and it would go away:D

Thinking Ickis might show up and get you? C'mon you're 22, ask the doctor to prescribe you something that'll make you more of a man.

More like Cthulu

Phobias are not controllable, that's kind of the point. If it's a controllable or rational fear then it's not classified as a phobia. FYL, OP.

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Yeah... Try a psychologist, not some Ambien.

Its probably just R kelly . He has been trapped in that closet for a while.

one of the few comments that has actually made me laugh...kuddos!

this is a definite FYL, you can't choose what you're scared of, even if it's not real. hence why it's called an "irrational" fear.

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5, I agree! I don't understand why people press YDI because one can't control their fears.

I totally agree but you could always padlock that mo'fucking closet. :D

Agree, many people might think it stupid. But only people who it affect can see it. Such as I see clown as people wearing silly make up, but there are still people with clown phobia (what ever the scientific name is). Like many other post, I recommence seeing a psychiatrist then taking medicine.

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really? that's not something people do because it's "fun" . how f*ing rude are you?

you can get ambien for that?! that's crazy.

Baaahaaahhhaaaaahhaa!!! R. Kelly!! Good one!

go watch disneys monsters inc. the monsters in the closet are nice and just trying to do their jobs

Something about the chameleon-like monster going through all the closet doors in that movie freaked me the hell out. I was in my late teens when I saw it.

YDI for being a wuss. YDI for being a pill-popper. YDI for not realizing that the monster is actually Pedobear, and he thinks you look young enough to enjoy.