By brokewithnocar
Today, my mom changed her mind about driving me to a job interview because she wants to attend a meeting at a church she told me she'd never go back to, full of people she hates. I can't drive because she refuses to teach me how. There's no public transportation. FML
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By  jcash52426  |  5

Your mom said she would drive you to your job interview. You should have asked her to pay for a cab ride. Unless she gave you enough time to find someone else to give you a ride.

  Mauskau  |  35

I thought this too. If the car was broken, she was out of town, unwell or not at home, would OP have to call in and say they can't make it because their mother won't drive them? That sounds unreliable to me and could really hinder their chances in getting the job in the first place.

By  my2centsworth  |  15

I do believe that your mom should have fulfilled her obligation to drive you to the interview but I wonder how you planned on getting back and forth to work if she's so unreliable?