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Today, while at the restaurant I work at, a bunch of kids came in. They all gave incredibly complex orders, laughed at everything I did, and made a huge mess by "spilling" hot sauce and water all over the floor. After they left, I was tipped eleven cents. FML
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i was a server for a long time! i hate cocksuckers like that! ppl dont understand how hard our job really is! assholes!

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Should've spit in their food at the first sign of asshole-ness


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Should've spit in their food at the first sign of asshole-ness

its funny because the were jerks to you and u had to clean it up and you only got payed 11 cents

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13 she never said she was workig for tips.

Lmao I just did that with my friends a couple of days ago.

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I'm sorry that really sucks OP! I work in food service and it makes me see how horrible people really are.

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lol laughing at everything? maybe they were stoned rofl

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don't you just love this generation of kids?

that's why you put a mandatory 15-18% tip on a bunch of kids, just like a large party...

75-that's what he wants. it's funny because you walked into his trap.

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in Soviet Russia, food order you!

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Well 33 sounds like you're a total asshole. Are you sure you even have "friends?"

I hate people like that. For once, YDDI.

Wow 43 you're cool.... and 82 that failed

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ydi for possibly wanting to serve those kids on purpose so they can treat you like crap and possibly have a good story to post on fml...

I've hung out with people like that and after they leave I'll secretly leave another $20 for the tolerant waiter/waitress. it's not the end of the world though, just a bad day at work :/

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84, Yea I am kind of an asshole, and as for my friends I'm sure they are real. Also, they are assholes as well. :)

you should have cussed them out then refused service -.-

86, :) thank you! and 96, :( thank you?

I hope you got the cooks to **** their food up. I hate spoiled little *******

77 it's funny because that's not what I want at all. there is no trap

43 if you did something like that then you are just a ******* dumb ****. I would love to spit in your face.

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135.. agreed! 43 is a nasty bitch, I bet her food has been tampered with more than once.

43 go die in a corner, that's totaly immature

imaginaryvoice, they're being sarcastic calling u cool.

there is no 11 cents in australia. those bitches would have to cough up 15 cents.

161 - 4 cents more?  omg sooo much 

You should have jumped on the fattest one and beat him then go for his friends! ydi for being a wuss. lol.

its funny because you said "its funny because they were jerks to you and u had to clean it up and you only got payed 11 cents"

It stops being a tip as soon as its mandatory because a tip is gratuity that's given voluntarily for services. The "mandatory tip" for a large party is really service charge because a large party guarantees more work. To save ya'll the trouble of reading my whole rant--my point is: Tipping is a social norm and not a law. The rest isn't really directed to you #71 (so don't take offence) but to those with this idea that you're entitled to a certain amount of bonus-pay in life. Maybe you feel you do deserve a 15%+ tip because you work your butt off, you're paid less than min wage and you have bills to pay. It's really just "too bad-so sad" for you so stop mopping around for not getting what you want. Whether customers are a bunch of kids (not everyone can afford to tip) or rich folks, they're not obligated to tip you. Really, the only real FML here is for having to deal with disrespectful kids. *I always tip 15%+so no, this isn't me trying to justify my cheapness.

oc: I'm glad my own bitchy reply to 33/43 poofed; you're sooo much better at this than I am. ;) 166: I agree with you. Tips are never mandatory, not even the service charge type you mentioned. In many places in the US, it's technically illegal to add an obligatory tip or service charge to a bill. Restaurants gets away with it by calling them "suggestions," but they don't advertise that you can have it removed or adjusted. Kinda sneaky.

thats why u spit in peoples food :)

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I would just quit after that. No job is worth getting treated like that

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legonut u need to just shut ur stupid ass mouth

ydi for complaining after they tipped u 11 cents...

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Cant believe I'm part of it... *puts head down in shame*

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i was a server for a long time! i hate cocksuckers like that! ppl dont understand how hard our job really is! assholes!

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21 a job is a job, therefore how can there be "fake" jobs?

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and what the **** do you do for a living 21? suck ****? shut the **** up

hey 21 have you thought about if the person actually enjoys being a waiter? cocknose

in this economy once again... your waiters most likely have a higher education than you... they are all looking for a "real" job with their graduate degrees.

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21 Alot of responsible people with good futures work as servers in restaurants. Alot of them in college to get a quality career for themselves. Just because they are working at a restaurant doesn't mean it isn't a real job. How about you get a "real" life.

or OP is like 16-21 and therefore has a great job

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*Cue fml creeper. 95 you are the cutest girl I have ever seen =)


I hate people like that. I had a few waitressing jobs and I would get a few of those. Spit in their food next time. Lol Im just kidding

That sucks. I'm at work right now and everyone is being super stingy with tips too, I feel your pain.

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get off your phone and take care of your customers and maybe they'll tip better

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maybe the person is on their BREAK dumbasses...

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I'm pretty sure it's just one person.

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I get something like that happen once a week, and being in Australia, I don't even get a tip after being ******-around. I need a new job. fyl

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totes need a new job. Aussies don't tip.

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yeah, I'm thinking of becoming a drug-dealer perhaps, it'd be less degrading, lol.

^ That's crap. If you're old enough to order from the Big Person menu, you're old enough to act like an adult, and tip as such. TBF though, people will generally rise to your expectations when they sense what those are. When a waitress decides I'm not going to tip well and I'll be a big hassle because I look young, I can tell. Usually they give you crappy service, and earn exactly what they get: a crappy tip.