By Cannot Unknow - 21/01/2017 16:00

Today, my wife and I drove to the other side of the country to attend a swingers party where we thought no one knew us. So did my parents. FML
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Possibly one of the most awkward FML's I've read for a while

TheyCallMeDamien 17

At least now you know where you get it from.

NOOO! who could possibly think he deserved it?

species4872 19

Not being judgemental of course.

Well, now that you know you are all swingers, I bet that opens up some topics for Thanksgiving and other holiday gatherings.

This is one of the most INSANE coincidences ever

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Very awkward to say the least..?

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Isn't it interesting how the best comment is from 1/15, and the FML post says 1/21? Hmmmm I think we might be getting repeated fmls.

um... unless you mean that FML is putting old FMLs at the top like they're new what you're saying makes no sense...

It doesn't make sense on the face of it, until you look at the date of the first comment (January 15th, 2017), then look at the post date of the FML (January 21st, 2017). Most likely it's another of the glitches plaguing the site.

That is, in fact, what they're saying.

That comment must've been made when the FML was on the 'Nearly FML' page. Hope that clears it up for you!