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By bigmozwoman - 18/09/2015 02:18 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I was driving students home on my school bus. I looked up in time to see a student wipe what would be one of many boogers across the window. As I'm cleaning the window, I tell her, "This is disgusting." Her reply? "No, it's not. It's PERFECT!" FML
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xoxoblondee 31

It's called "Artistic Expression" and should be put in a modern art museum Because modern art museums are shit


If it boogers OP so much, she should just make the girl clean it.

xoxoblondee 31

It's called "Artistic Expression" and should be put in a modern art museum Because modern art museums are shit

Yeah, it would be titled something like 'Untitled 2' and have a long rambling description about what was going through the artist's head as she created it.

And it would win art contests and make people write more FMLs about it.

Not to mention that other people would hate it for existing because it stole the thunder when they actually have ability. when quite often their art follows the same random course.

Depending on how old she is, maybe it is art to her. But it's pretty disgusting too.

kellyem2 20

Surprise twist: The OP drives the school bus for the local high school.

Why didn't you have her clean it!? I'd be embarrassing the crap out of her. Id tell all the other kids, her parents, and her teachers. "Watch out for her, she smears booger on things". That will learn her.

hopsinlove17 26

I'm guessing you don't have kids. They do some nasty shit.

Yeah kids do nasty shit because they haven't learned yet. That's why you punish them when they do something wrong and make them clean up their own mistakes.

hopsinlove17 26

I'm all for discipline; trust me I grew up in a military household. I just think embarrassing your child strictly to teach them a lesson is too far.

While I partially agree with you #32, I believe that embarrassment to an extent is a wonderful teacher for things. I had to basically raise myself and due to that I was constantly embarrassing myself. The extent of which the other commenter was talking about would be much too extreme, though.

You should never humiliate your child to punish them and certainly not someone else's child, it's bullying. I would be speaking to her parents.

Her parents had probably just told her not to wipe them on her cloths

Probably better to wipe them on cloths than clothes (and windows) though.

Where in the FML does it say the bus rider was ten? It could be someone in their senior year of high school. It could also be someone who is in kindergarten.

Honestly, all annoying people appear to me as 10 or younger. I don't give a crap if your 50. if you're throwing a tantrum you're usually in grade school to me.

This could be a really innocent young child (4-7) who doesn't understand that throwing boogers is definitely not proper manners or this could be a really gross high-schooler. If it's the latter, I am disappointed. Either way, FYL OP.

wysegirl 24

My 3 yr old knows better so a 4-7 yr old should too.. it's the parents who are not teaching and expecting the schools to teach..

Okay how old is this student. It's disgusting either way but if it's like a five year old I can blow it off as being a little kid but if it's older...*shudders*