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  chinaski7628  |  32

OP is also in California. Depending on where in California, public transportation isn't readily available or convenient. Though even in Southern California, major universities are on bus/subway/trolley lines, it just might be a long, and expensive, commute. If OP really wanted it, I'm sure she could find a way, it just might end up being a two hour commute.

  Alexandria79  |  22

the mother isn't necessarily being selfish. what if this is out of town and the mother works and isn't capable of driving it or getting time off on a regular basis or maybe she can't afford the gas money. there's so many reasons other than mum is selfish

By  NonScaryPumkin  |  22

If it's a paid intern then borrow money from a friend or relative so you can take a bus or taxi there. I think the credit and possibilities you can gain out way the fare there. Good luck OP

  Publikwerks  |  14

Go ahead and down vote, but if it's such an amazing opportunity, why isn't "crushed" moving heaven and earth to make it work. Sounds like she gave up or there is more to it than she's letting on. Either way, I don't feel bad.

By  pjsr  |  32

If you're old enough to have a paid internship, you're old enough to take responsibility for your own life - including transportation. It's not Mommy's job any longer.


Did you ever think that they have a license but can't afford their own car right now so it's "mommy" who has to drive them? Maybe they share the car with their mother but she needs to more to get to and from work.

  remometol  |  16

Then they can take public transportation, they're getting paid. The mom shouldn't need to drive OP all the time, it might be far, out of the way, at a bad hour.. It sounds to me like OP is a spoiled brat who gets an internship at an awesome place and still finds something to say FML about