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  fksfsdhfsdfh  |  26

*moderated* lol

  Flammin8  |  0

I bet guys do this on a regular basis pretend they like something the same as the attractive girl.. -oh gotta go I have to meet my gf for the movie eclipse...(sigh)

By  thisgirl2u  |  9

Well, that is just an odd thing for a man to randomly walk up to you and say. What is even odder is your reaction to completely lie to a stranger..

And really if you have to lie to impress someone in the first place then it's not a good idea, eventually the truth will be known and it will always backfire. In your case instantly.

  blackie17  |  0

OP, your stupid. 1) because u tried to be something ur not for a guy. 2) even if that worked and u started dating, he would eventually find out anyway! duhhhh >.<