By Anonymous - 05/12/2010 05:13 - United States

Today, I was eating dinner with a friend when a really hot guy came up and introduced himself. He told us he was vegetarian, and I wanted to impress him so I told him I was too. I was eating a steak. FML
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You know, being vegetarian isn't like being gay. They don't only date other vegetarians.

Howljerk 0

Liar liar pants on fire.


this is so nooby I think it's fake

oh wow that must be like pure instinct with no commom sense

if he gave you a weird remark say ' oh I thought you said you were a vetanrian' lol idk

mjcdsjf 0

All I could think of is either FAIL or /facepalm

noone likes a girl vegitarian

fksfsdhfsdfh 26

*moderated* lol

Howljerk 0

Liar liar pants on fire.

thisgirl2u 9

hanging from a telephone wire.

Isn't it 'nose longer than a telephone wire'? ><

I didn't make it up. You're mean :(

Flammin8 0

I bet guys do this on a regular basis pretend they like something the same as the attractive girl.. -oh gotta go I have to meet my gf for the movie eclipse...(sigh)

plants fer higher

It's plants for higher!

Yeah, except it was a girl to a guy. Get your facts right before you meet your hand and some lube at the movies.

Sonfang 19

You're an idiot OP! He may have liked you for who you are, now you'll never know! YDI!!

I agree lying is also pretty inmuture

hahahahaha yu fail

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hahaha I thought the exact same thing... :)

Wow. Don't be so damn needy next time. Guys don't like total fake liar girls. YDI

thisgirl2u 9

Well, that is just an odd thing for a man to randomly walk up to you and say. What is even odder is your reaction to completely lie to a stranger.. And really if you have to lie to impress someone in the first place then it's not a good idea, eventually the truth will be known and it will always backfire. In your case instantly.

lmao new pick up line

Well, they probably got into a conversation and it came up. I don't think he just randomly said it.

yeah I can't pictture some guy walking up, hey I'm John, I'm a vegetarian.

Oh really?! Me too! *eats steak*

Thanks for making me laugh, so very hard.

PSQ91 6

Akward much?

LaFemmeQuiRit 3

What is "akward" ? (English isn't my first language, you see) Does it have anything to do with the word "awkward" ?

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I'm sure he was so impressed, he didn't notice the slab of cow sitting on your plate..

@ OP could of just said it was your friend's But then again you shouldn't lie just to impress a cute guy He would of found out soon

Dejaay 2

Hahah, first your giving her advice telling her to lie..then your telling her to not lie? Make up your mind :P

mintcar 9

Could'VE* Would'VE*

slushpup9696 12

Thank you, 42. People assuming would've is would of is a pet peeve of mine.

Dejaay 2

how impressiveee...

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OP, your stupid. 1) because u tried to be something ur not for a guy. 2) even if that worked and u started dating, he would eventually find out anyway! duhhhh >.<