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By crunknasty - 30/03/2013 05:19 - United States - El Cajon

Today, I was on the toilet, when I noticed I could see my daughter dancing in the other room in the mirror, so I took a picture with my phone. After I uploaded it, people pointed out that I was visible in the picture, sitting on the toilet and smiling. FML
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Good example of why you shouldn't take pictures while you are in the bathroom.


Ye, not everything has to be uploaded to the Internet.

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But if for example you work out you have to notify the Internet or it's like it never happened.

I'm sorry, but am I the only person who thinks this could have ended a lot worse than mere embarrassment? I mean, a man using the washroom is taking pictures of a kid ( had to edit be because the first one sounded more than mildly Pedo-ish)

Is the op a man? It didnt say if they were ?

If you can see someone outside from the mirror in the bathroom then Im pretty sure it would work the other way aswell. And if that is the case then theres a major design flaw in your house. Unless ofcourse if your daughter was inside the bathroom with you, which would be even more disturbing.

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sounds like a shitty situation

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I try way to. hard with puns, I must stop!

The problem isn't trying too hard, it's that people around here have seen this particular pun done to death, and it doesn't get any funnier seeing it on every toilet/poop related FML. However, it's your very strange punctuation that is putting me off.

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I try with punctuatiin but I mainly post from the app and the android keyboard isn't known for its j.k.Rowling righting abilities

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to be honest on that pun I thumbed myself down

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19, There's only so much autocorrect can do...

@19- did autocorrect changed your writing to righting?

Get a new phone. Your current one obviously has Alzheimer's and has forgotten how to spell.

Good example of why you shouldn't take pictures while you are in the bathroom.

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Especially of small children...

I don't think the small child was in the bathroom though

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it must be hard living with mental disabilities

error404n0tf0und 21

that canbe offensive. to some people so stfu

Oh ya , don't dare offend someone now a days ......

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it's the Internet, shit gets said. and I didn't actually make fun of someone specifically or a particular disability, I just implied the OP was stupid, maybe it came out wrong. it's not like I laughed at Down's Syndrome.

bamagrl410 31

Saying "it must be hard living with mental disabilities" while trying to get laughs is, in essence, people laughing at the idea of having a mental disability. It's not funny in any way. It's rude. And offensive. There's a time and place for that, and it's not here or now.

52 didn't mean any harm. In my point of view, it's the people who mean to hurt others, that are wrong. :| but that's just my opinion

you could've said you are stupid there are a lot of alternatives then saying" it must be hard living with disabilities

60-its saying things like "they didnt intend to be mean!" that perpetuate things like racism, sexism, etc. it shows the person hasnt thought about the implications on how it might affect other people. empathy, my friend.

I have a beautiful, smart, 7 year old daughter with severe autism. She has incredible skills in balance, coordination, math, problem solving and reading. She also has "mental disabilities" because autism is a sensory processing disorder, so she has trouble interpreting sounds, sights, and other input, making it very difficult for her to speak, and understand spoken words. It is thoroughly offensive to her when thoughtless people like you use the words "mental disabilities" to describe someone who has done something stupid and thoughtless, regardless of whether or not you "meant any harm". Just stop.

52- It doesn't matter that "it's the Internet" and "shit gets said". NOWHERE in the fml does it even hint at anyone having mental disabilities. If you were trying to call OP stupid, you should've just called them stupid because "stupid" and "having mental disabilities" are in no way synonyms. AT. ALL. I happen to know a couple kids with actual mental disabilities, and they're some of the brightest kids I know, even if they can't express themselves properly. Next time you might want to actually think before you say something as ignorant as that.

It looks like you didn't take time to think this one through, OP. A little reflection would show that taking a picture of her in the mirror would incidentally shame you at the same time.

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I would have thought to atleast check a photo before you uploaded it,especially in a place like that

Karma will always come back to bite you in the ass OP. Better you learn that now rather than when you find yourself in an even crappier situation due to your lack of consideration.

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Karma had nothing to do with this. It was just negligence and bad luck. What did OP do that karma had to be involved?

Karma's involved because he put an embarrassing photo of his daughter on Facebook which she probably didn't want on Facebook. In the end, the photo embarrassed him. Karma.

Karma had nothing to do with this because there's no cosmic scale. Op neglected to notice the mirror was angled to catch his reflection.

Thats pretty creepy, unless she is really young.

I thought its worse if they're really young...

If she's really young, that might explain why OP had the door open. He/ she wanted to be able to hear if the young child was getting into trouble.

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This is kind of weird OP. I know that when I dance or sing around the house, I wouldn't want anyone to see it. It's just something silly I'm doing at home. She probably didn't want you taking pictures of her.

She was probably a toddler, if OP thought it was cute, took her picture, and put it online.

Still, when the daughter grew up, she may not want the picture online

As long as no private parts are shown I think it's kind of cute. Still, I can imagine you not wanting to publish it for people outside your closest family.

I wouldn't want any of my family to see pictures of me on the toilet smiling like an idiot regardless of how close we are.

Dude, you have issues. Shut the door when you're taking a dump.

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You don't have kids do you? From the sounds of things her daughter is a toddler and you don't get a minute of peace because you have to watch them all the time bits called parenting