By Anonymous - 20/04/2011 03:05 - United States

Today, I picked up on a telemarketer and started speaking in Portuguese. It turns out that this particular telemarketer spoke it as well. Every time I hung up, he called back. Telemarketers get really excited when they find out someone else speaks their language. FML
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MyMuse7 0

lol tell him to "**** off" in Portuguese. :)

makenna2011 6

lol next time you pick up use a different language


MyMuse7 0

lol tell him to "**** off" in Portuguese. :)

haha my thoughts exactly!

try English next time he calls, it might throw him off and make him stop calling.

No 16 that doesn't work they will call back and say you speak English perfectly fine or they will talk to you very slowly so you can understand.

duravian 1

how is this an FML...?

raven02 0

no dude u try to sell them something..they get mad and don't call back...long story but it worked

iSitt 0

what country do Portuguese hate the most ? say you're from there.

just argue their business isn't real for a while... they get really angry :)

SammieJoeG 7

The best way I've found to get rid of them is to start breathing really heavily into the receiver and whisper in a creepy voice "I like to watch" they hang up pretty quickly but trying to sell them your couch works equally well. Or if the ask the popular question "are you happy with your phone service?" reply with "no, no I'm not. Half way through a conversation it just..." then hang up.

Lol at 33, he speaks from experience.

aha "vai pro caralho" usually works!!!! lol

no no no all of you are wrong. you tell them you see them or say " i get a bonner everytime we talk" it especially works wen its a girl talking. very very affective

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Snookie123Babe 0

watch it! I'm Portuguese!!

FML is probably from brazil and the country would be Argentina,

Don't pick up?

ImaWiseGuy 5

maybe just maybe she's doing her job, considering the fact calling people is their job...

ImaWiseGuy 5


iSitt 0

I once gave ten bucks to a police charity telemark. they sold my number to other groups and my phone rang several times a day for years. I turned off the ringer and only responded to the answering machine.

Yeah, but to call back repeatedly just to talk to someone that also speaks Portuguese isn't part of their job.

I used to get like 3 calls a day for a "thomas mcnamer" so I had to change my number

Being treated like shit isn't part of their job either - OP deserved it.

LunaNstars 0

hahahaha okay

lol I just speak Ukrainian nobody gets it

makenna2011 6

lol next time you pick up use a different language

Mewzakuro240 0

And hope he doesn't know that one too.

makenna2011 6

lol seriously! that's why you make one up haha

Speak Elvish that should confuse him

I've always wanted to try this.

okay now calm down

I meant the people commenting not the OP.

hessman239 0

dayyyyuuummm baby your fineeee

immja 0

talk in Russian. I never here of Russian telemarketers.

xtacticalswarmx 0


cause!!! in soviet Russian you call telemarketers!! sorry I had to do it lol...

in soviet Russia car drives you

lol that's cuz we don't go into businesses like that

I never hear of Portuguese ones either.

jes1610 6

except numbers come up on their screen at random making it impossible to call back. I call fake.

jes1610 6

what exactly did I get modded for? I pointed out a total fact that it's impossible

giantsfan2010 23

Once you call someone their number is stored in the phone. At least that's how my phone works. So they were probably able to call back over and over again.

jes1610 6

it shouldn't work like that. I'm pretty sure telemarketers can't choose who they call

futtbuck101 1

Your mom gets really excited when I speak her language...

Crazy4Christ 0

rude and gross!

And not funny

Primo_Loco 0

yea Ima have to agree, that was just stupid and immature.

itz_towelie 6

i wonder what language he is refering to?

you_freak 7

It's a secret language only retards understand

futtbuck101 1

Are you calling your own mother a retard? Anyways I was just doing the old napoleon dynamite move.

ariannaa_fml 17

my mom is dead...

I actually thought that was kinda funny.

I do that all the time. I used to do it in Spanish but they will get you someone that speaks Spanish. anyways fyl for picking up.