By exalia - 07/05/2012 20:40 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I finally bought a car, after saving up for a year. My dealer had told me it was a good buy, so I snapped it up then and there. On the way home, the rear axle practically fell out of the car due to frame rot. My dealer wants to buy the car back at half the price. FML
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egc573 40

"My dealer told me it was a good buy." No shit! What was he/she supposed to say? "No, this is a piece of crap just waiting to come apart the moment you take it off the lot. Now give me your money." Bad call on your part.

RabidBunny 10

You didn't ask for the carfax did you? Tsk tsk :/


Lemon Laws look them up.

YDI, but tell him that he's buying the car back for exactly what he sold it. No more, no less, otherwise, you sue his ass. Or, tell him you'll come back with a couple buddies.

IAmNotAnAnimal 9

Or, you could cut the brake fluid on his car.

#1 is right - most states have consumer protection laws that use this exact scenario as examples in legislation. Depending on what verbiage he used when selling you the car it sounds like you have an excellent case for restitution.

Except OP doesn't live in the states.

No such thing as lemon law on used car. 13 yr career in car sales. Lvillechevydude

Idonebeenhad 17

You can't trust the dealer, if you don't know anything about cars, have a friend who does come with you. FYL, but you were a bit careless

How do you cut a fluid? Please explain.

eman1972 4

There is no lemon law on a used car.

48 and 59, it depends on where you live. Some states include used cars under their lemon laws. I can't find anything out for UK specifically, however. I hate how everyone assumes all laws are universal. Google "lemon laws used cars", the first sites you see will all tell you it depends on where you live.

Yep, just found it. The UK version of the lemon law (statutory laws) says a car must "be of satisfactory quality. This means the car must be in reasonable condition, considering its age and make, its past history and the price paid. It must be fit for its purpose (for example, if you request a vehicle which is capable of towing a large caravan, it must be capable of doing the job). It must also be roadworthy. (It is a criminal offence to sell an unroadworthy car). A car is not roadworthy if its brakes, tyres, steering, or construction make it unfit for the road. Even if the car has an MOT certificate, this doesn't necessarily mean that it is roadworthy." So yes, they are entitled to a full refund since the car is not roadworthy, nor capable of its purpose (driving).

#83 may be right but YDI if you settle for less than a full refund

Wait. Your DEALER told you that the car was a good buy, so naturally you chose immediately to seal the deal? Dear god...

alisidewinder 9

There is a lemon law for used cars around here. I don't know why, but while looking up local laws it was stated there, so I went and asked a few dealerships and they said yes there technically is but unless the customer mentions it or wants it in the paper work they don't have to honor it.

pr1nc3ss817 4

Lemon law is a law FOR used cars.

Anybody else think of How I Met Your Mother when OP stated the Lemon Law?

93 - No it's not. Though SOME states include used cars under lemon laws, lemon laws were originally intended for NEW cars. Look it up.

50... I have that action figure. It flies with me everywhere and is currently keeping watch over my liquor supply. Seeing your profile photo made my day.

browniegrl 4

Lemon laws only exist in certain states. however, it clearly says op is in the UK

YDI for not inspecting the car... For that much frame rot I'm sure the car is older. You always check crap like that!

121- 89 clearly stated the UK law for it.

RacistPancake 6

How is it legal to sell you a car that surely didn't pass inspection?

gonphisting 5

If sold in an "as is" situation like on the streets between owner and buyer then yeah there is no lemon law but this isn't lemon law issue obviously no one here knows what lemon law is

jvmateo 0

To all the people saying Lemon laws aren't for used cars...well does that make sense? On a new car it's NEW meaning there's nothing wrong with it. I don't know about the lemon law but it would be much more useful with a used car.

# 50 You cut the thing containing the fluid not the actual fluid itself

U ******* idiot, it's you idiots that **** us over because you get paid to sell, if you don't sell, u run the risk of getting fired because your a poor salesman, but than again if the consumer is intelligent he would of checked under the car, like any intelligent person woul do, along with tasting the oil, rad coolant, tranny fluid and taking it for a test drive for any noises.

171 learn the difference between "I," "we," and "you."

Talk about a clever scammer. Next time check the car before purchasing it:

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

I'm wondering how old you are. If you're still pretty young, you probably should have had a more experienced person with you.

Who are you talking to? I don't think Sadlife is buying a car.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

I accidentally posted my comment to this. My iPod wouldn't let me remove it. :(

'check the carfax'

Sue that is a perfect case.

plus when OP said "my dealer said it was a good buy" thats where you went wrong lol. -test drive it first -research it.

RabidBunny 10

You didn't ask for the carfax did you? Tsk tsk :/

Stupid car fox wasn't there to rescue OP!

41 - there's a fine overgeneralization. They're hard working people just like anybody else, trying to make a sale to put bread on the table. Don't let scammers like the OP's dealer represent all car salesmen. He's just a tool.

64 - Most car salesmen work on commission, so they have a vested interest in selling you a vehicle at all costs, even if it goes against their personal ethics. Generalizations and stereotypes don't just "pop up" out of nowhere. They're generally based on something you will find to be fairly common.

Show me the carfax!

KiddNYC1O 20

27- You shouldn't trust Car Fox, Car Fax is the way to go.

Can't let you view that, car fax.

egc573 40

"My dealer told me it was a good buy." No shit! What was he/she supposed to say? "No, this is a piece of crap just waiting to come apart the moment you take it off the lot. Now give me your money." Bad call on your part.


Jakesterk96 8

14- I find it hard to use that meme in common situations.

Achall91 17

When OP said 'dealer' I automatically thought drug dealer. Did no one else think that as well? Clearly I have drugs on my mind...

If the dealer assures you it's a good buy then you know you are in trouble.

Unlike when the dealer admits it's garbage. Then you're good to go.

Mademoiselle_fml 34

Yeah uh... that's not how you buy really expensive things from sketchy people taking your money lol Sucks but well you learn from your mistakes I guess. Better luck next time -.-

eman1972 4

There's not a lemon law on use cars. However the dealer will give you the money back if you complain. They don't want to be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Oh no! A non-government agency who can yell at you to give a refund! The BBB has no real authority. They basically involve both parties in voluntary mediation.

I've gone to the BBB twice and both times it was settled in a way that made me happy. People look at the BBB ratings, so many companies don't want the bad ratings. Bad ratings = bad sales.

lemon law is only on used cars.....

No it isn't. Any car can be a "lemon". Manufacturers ship lemons many times. My friend bought himself a 2011 Camaro when they first came out and it kept overheating and electrical problems began and it was a cycle of bad things. Chevrolet took back that one and gave him a new one. I read the same of a mini cooper and bmw sent them a new one. A lemon isn't just a beat up old car.

Thought of Cars 2 from this FML

Someone didn't get the car fax

If you bought it from a used car lot, consider yourself lucky...with most of them, you buy as-is and once it's off the lot, it's your problem, not their's

It depends where you buy the car from. Here in australia, a used car dealer must give you 3 months minimum unless you elect not to take out the warranty.

Never buy a used car without having a mechanic you trust check it out. At the very least take someone with you that knows more about cars and how dishonest car salesmen are than you obviously do. But fyl. Get a lawyer unless you bought it as is you should be able to get your money back.