By Oja1 - 16/12/2011 04:26 - United States

Today, my mother sold my extensive Star Wars collection, and I cried when I found out. I'm 46. FML
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Now how will you save the galaxy?

May the force be with you


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builditbetter09 3

I wouldn't have cried, I would have said where the **** is my money!?!

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Hey, star wars is awesome.

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Yeah, but you wouldn't talk shit to eric foreman if he did. Do don't talk crap to the real life one.

Rei_Ayanami 18

You know, it isn't cool to say that they're pathetic for losing them, god only knows how long they had collected. Since it was "extensive" I assume their whole life, and to have it ripped out from under you without warning? I can totally understand why OP would cry. I would try finding the people and getting it back, if that doesn't work take it to the legal system for selling your items without your consent.

Come on, it's like every other thing you cherish. He likes his Star Wars collectables, you like your terrible Shitlight books. You think Star Wars is immature? Go ******* shoot yourself if you like the twilight series, that's some immature bullshit. (I'm just assuming you like twilight, sorry if you don't. But you're still a dick for saying OP is immature.)

#1 21 31 you should realize that for some off us star wars has great meaning. For me it reminds me of when I was young and watching the first 3 on lazed disc with my dad (the only good memory I have of him). It's possible that OP has found memories due to star wars like I do.

Of* damn edit timer they should get rid of that.

65 - are you suggesting he sues his own mother?

1- Wow, you're very intelligent.

Drummerboy1234 0

31 quit being a ****.

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No actually it was just about right, you ****!

I dont understand why crying after losing something that is important to you is pathetic?

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Rei_Ayanami 18

97- No, that isn't what I'm saying, it would be between the buyer and OP, a court order to reverse the transaction. Though it would be OP's mom that would have to give the money back.

71, I'm pretty sure it's immature to tell someone to shoot themselves just because they like a particular movie...

Star wars collectibles are very expensive! I understand why you cried, I would because in a couple of decades, they would be worth nearly double

rocketsox 0

Wow. Learn proper grammar.

Klavier 5

Was there anywhere that said OP was a man?

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you don't just "move on" from star wars

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Star wars over star trek anyday.

We must find shelter. star trek fans scare easily, but they will come back with bigger numbers...Star trek could never hold a candle to star wars. I saw Anew hope in the theater as a kid and waited almost right at thirty years for the final installment of the series to be made. I will watch any of the strwars movies any time.

It's all fun and games until you get fans who love Star Trek and Star Wars we're dangerous people But I would still probly fall under Star Wars before Star Trek I've even spread the love of it to my little cousin there is still a New Hope for this world

Now how will you save the galaxy?

ijnek 3

by a snicker

Bitches love Starwars. After all how else are we sopost to be space cowboys?

If OP cared about his collection that much I don't understand why he didn't just lock it somewhere his mom couldn't get to.

Maybe his mom knew about it and OP trusted her enough to be in the house with it? I wouldn't hide my video games so somebody doesn't sell it, I trust them not to go through my stuff without my permission.

May the force be with you

And also with you, young padawan.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Turn to the darkside ;) and rebel against ur mother

crazycrystal 4

Boo hoo Star war sucks u r immature

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What does a Star Wars collection have to do with his frequency of going out?

Beebow_fml 5

When inferior minds are subject to the stigmas of society they think and actually believe in things like Star Wars being directly related to a person's social ability.

Well he's 46 and probably lives with his mom. What else am I suppose to think

That he left them behind when he moved out?

Beebow_fml 5

So because he's 46 he lives with his mom? If you meant to say that because he's 46 and had Star Wars collectibles in storage therefore he lives with his mom, please refer to my previous comment.

randomhangul 4

I would have been so pissed if my mom did that to me. Those collections take time and money!

I don't wanna assume too much, but I'll go ahead and make a guess that it was the mother's money to begin with.

Maybe to begin with when he was a child, but I'm sure as he got older he most likely got a job a funded the majority of this collection which means she had no right doing what she did.

That's a possibility. However, the facts that she had access to her son's collection and that OP made it a point to tell us his age the way he did, might suggest that he is a 46 year old depending on his mother for money/food/shelter. In that case, he might not have a job, therefore no money to fund his collection. Which relinquishes his right to have a say-so.

Llama_Face89 33

Or maybe his mother was staying at his place. Or he could have been storing shit at his moms. Both of those are possibilities.

Regardless, they were presents given to him... And were probably worth a considerate amount of money. The mother shouldn't have done that without asking.

That sounds like 4chan's board /r9k/ would be a good place for you

DalPozzo13 10

Someone needs a girlfriend

I like star wars and I have a girlfriend.

randomhangul 4

My older brother likes star wars and has a very pretty girlfriend.

DalPozzo13 10

That doesn't mean you cry over it

juliaaalove 8

What number 10 is trying to say is that having a girlfriend might make op realize there are more important things in life than a star wars collection, especially when you're 46..

Girlfriend > star wars? No, no...that just doesn't add up... That doesn't add up at all ..

A Jedi needs no girlfriend!

shanemaximo 7

Someone like a douchebag in a blue hoodie?

Mister_Triangle 21

I like Star Wars but have never had a girlfriend. Luckily, through repeated observations and trials, I have deduced that the two are not related.

Somebody needs to stop being so bitter. What did star wars fans ever do to you?

Who is to say what is and what isn't important

Look, just because he cried over something that was most likely very important to him does not in anyway mean he has no social life. I would be so pissed if my mother did that to me that it would bring me to tears also, and I have a very pretty girlfriend and a thriving social life.

If he's been a passionate collector and cared about a collection he's collected over the years, and then someone sells it; yes, yes you do. Others opinions on ones own preferences doesn't matter.

Hay Star Wars fans can get girlfriends are just usually happen to also like Star Wars and are beasts who generally also game

I'm so sorry.

im not, somtimes things like that need to happen for you to realize your to old and need to move on

Star wars collection = money. You're never to old too move on past money.