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By  arandomperson97  |  18

Then tell them to come in and work since there's no need to worry! Currently, Toys-R-Us has filed chapter 11 bankruptcy, which means it is trying to restructure its (at this time) $5bn debt so that it can pay it. Closing of stores will be few if any at this current time and will be merely considered over during its filing proceedings. :)

  ragnarok1540  |  39

Hey ... I take offense to that comparison! I'll have you know that some infants are in fact quite hard working ... Like the ones whose entire purpose in existence seems to be in order to ensure that mom and dad will never again get a good nights sleep!!!

By  ARISKomuniszt  |  24

But Toys *R* Us! When you take them away, we R nothing (except an extremely complex string of carbon by chance fostering life and truly being a wonder miracle of the universe)!!