By Username - 23/12/2010 14:48 - Canada

Today, I was in a store with my dad. He completely lost his temper and began yelling at the store owners. For some reason, he then removed his shirt in protest. FML
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maybe he had lady gaga man boobs and he was ready to start a show!

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At least it wasn't your GRANDdad!

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46 haha that fat kid is crazy OP your dad would have been an auto-tune-bound hit on YouTube. YDI for not recording it proudly & making millions from it from all the annoying ads that you could put on it. Then disowning your father after making enough to move out. He gave you a golden opportunity.

hmm it sounds like something Steven from the 'greatest freakout ever' videos would do.

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Is there any chance you are Carrie Heffernan and your father is Arthur Spooner?

I'm Peter Chao chao outside, mudafuckaaaa

92, Umm, I don't think Peter Chao says that... He says "Chao sign mothuh fuckuhh"

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Wow. that made my day, that's hilarious! XD Sorry about the embarrassing dad though.

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Nothing says "**** you" like the sudden emergence of hairy manboobs!

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Very great comment almighty Perdix.

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Your dad. He's awesome. Chyeahh. Trade? :D