By Read The Fine Print - 24/11/2012 05:55 - United States - Sylmar

Today, I got into a car accident. The guy wouldn't give me his information, but instead stood there saying, "Like a good neighbor, Statefarm is there." FML
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RougeRamirez 8

"Like a normal person; call the ******* cops"

keven501 12

With a giant stuffed panda bear!


RougeRamirez 8

"Like a normal person; call the ******* cops"

Is this a quote from a movie or something?

chickenflem 8

Is it bad that I sang your comment, 2, like "like a good neighbor statefarm is there??" lol

jaredofmo 22

33 - Nope. I did the same thing. It works beautifully.

2. I think I would rather call the regular cops. They don't use fuzzy handcuffs if you know what I mean.

I hope you at least memorized his registration plate

It's always good to take pictures in this situation. License plates, wreckage, etc... A few pictures can go a long way in this scenario.

... with someone to beat some reality into that dude.

What are you saying? That jingle doesn't actually work?!

Dairyking 8

32, It looks like your facetious tone has been overlooked. Hence why we need a sarcasm button.

65-I think it was more along the lines of 32 just wasn't funny at all...

70-I don't think people understood we got the sarcasm in the statement, but still thumbed it down because it still wasn't funny...

Funkymunky1511 4

Call the police dude. Or at least remember his plate registration

kultyre 7

Like a good neighbor, Statefarm is there.. With the cops.

SettoFail 9

He was probably trying to be funny so he could get away with it

So did that guy get back in his car and drive off while you stood there trying to take in what he was saying?