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Today, I'm training to be a nurse in a hospital. Our teacher asked for a volunteer to demonstrate how bed restraints work. After I was shackled to the bed she said, "Now let's make sure they work. Are you ticklish?" My entire class tickled me until I screamed, cried and nearly wet my pants. FML
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Be honest. That wasn't pee... you were just getting turned on by the restraints. ;-)


Back in China, long time ago, they use tickling to torture people. FYL. :/


I'm not. I would have seriously loved to see this. YDI for being the one to get restrained. You should have let some other fool do that. I would never volunteer for that.

so op deserves to get tickled to death, while she was expecting to just show an example of how a bed restraint works?

37, wow "tickled to death"... calm down there, drama queen, nobody died. Someone's got a flair for the dramatic haha She still deserves what she got. she didn't know what their intentions were but allowed herself to be restrained anyway. Definition of a fool right there.

46 - You're blowing things out of proportion. "Tickled to death" is a commonly used exaggeration and does not mean 37 is a drama queen for using it. She's not a fool; I assume the "teacher" only mentioned that the nurse-in-training would be restrained to show the rest of the "class" how the restraints work. If she had the intention to tickle the nurse-in-training, she should have asked if that was okay. Better yet, she shouldn't have acted on it because the "teacher" should know that it was not necessary to touch any of the students in this situation. This is grounds enough for the OP to report the "teacher", since it was unwanted physical contact.

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46. people have died from being tickled too much, you dumb ****. They have heart attacks from the "excitement."

48, I agree completely, the teacher isn't blameless, in fact more so. it was irresponsible as a teacher & she did violate the poor woman. However, OP's still a grown woman who chose to put herself into others' hands. she may not be entirely at fault but, it's hard to say. I'm trying to explain it... but I get what you're saying. 51, we're not talking about other people we are talking about OP's specific situation. Please keep up, child. I don't argue with children, just go back to playing with your toys, little buddy.

I suppose you could say the punishment fit the crime....DUMM DUMM DUUUUUMMMMMMMM

they could have done other things that might be considered worse in most cultures

Umm, how restraints work is they keep a violent patient on meth or angel dust or a person having a seizure in place & not a calm nursing student chatting with her friends. It is critical to learn not only how to apply the restraint, but what kind of person it is applied to, how they might struggle etc. Also, the OP got a taste of how the patient might feel being restrained & struggling against it. That too is a very important lesson. In many nursing school students initially learn injections by giving it to an orange, & then practice on thier fellow students. Now who wd u hire: one who only done it only on orange or who has experience in real-life setting?

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Ooh, that must suck :/ you couldve tried saying that you weren't ticklish (:

Be honest. That wasn't pee... you were just getting turned on by the restraints. ;-)

Lol that's a twisted way to get turned on ._.

You're disgusting. Every post you have is perverted.

You need to pull the stick out of your ass and lighten up.

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I think this is funny if I'm the one watching, but if I was you, fml. Dx Though it would still be funny.

aww that sucks. I'm ticklish too. But you should've just tried to bite one of their hands off or spit in their faces. That would make em stop :)

Yeah you should totally cripple them, or or shoot their kneecaps! Thats only logical.

Tickling is torture. What kind of response do you have when someone is torturing you?

Are you being trained at a mental hospital ? Teachers and students tickling you stay right where you're at don't leave.

Did you ask them to stop? If you did, you have good grounds for a serious complaint to the faculty.


Back in China, long time ago, they use tickling to torture people. FYL. :/

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bamboo hurts! have you ever been hit with it before?!

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ha wow but count yourself lucky compared to the other fmls