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Today, I received a "diamond ring" in Mafia Wars (a facebook app) from my boyfriend of 3 years. Along with the ring came a message. It read, "Will you marry me?" He was serious. FML
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Isn't that a good thing? I mean, yeah it's not an expensive restaurant and real ring ... but I think it's sweet and almost romantic. :)

Don't post a FML because you are sad you didn't get some multi-thousand dollar ring. He could've given you nothing, like some people on here get. lol


Does it have any bonuses in-game?

Pffft, shush. I actually think that is really really cute.

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yeah i think its really cute

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Seriously? I'm all for the creative proposal and all, but that is as bad as sending a relationship request and calling it a day. No major life event should involve facebook. Get off the internet and live your lives.

Proposing over the internet isn't really cute. He should've proposed properly. @OP: With all due respect, though, I sure don't hope you come here whining because your boyfriend didn't buy you an extremely expensive shiny ring.

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you get a bonus in the game for getting all 7 rings.

you also get a bonus for sending the diamond ring to a friend who is level eight or lower.

damn that bitch i've been trying to get the diamond ring for like two weeks.

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i think its cute at least he proposing to u. my husband proposed to me while i was doing dishes sooo consider urself lucky

i think its really cute! its nice that he thought up something creative as opposed to just the classic proposal

do not marry that cheapass. any man who can't pony up the dough for a real engagement ring is not the sort of person you want to permanently tie yourself to. if i were you, i'd be writing him back "and how do you expect me to put this ring on my finger?"

LOL. He is hillarious. You should have your wedding on facebook app.

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lmao @ 207

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i agree that is super cute y FYL? i would be so excited i would RUN to his house and kiss him and answer

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Well then good luck getting a husband, golddigger. It's called love not money, dummy.

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184: Really? Who says there wasn't a real ring? Maybe she got it later. I think it's a cute proposal. Maybe not the fantastic one everyone dreams of, but it's cute and creative. Stop being a greedy punk.

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Why should he? Why do materialistic things matter so much to you, you stupid ****?

this is why most women are bitches. all they ******* want is a 700 dollar real ring. if the man gave you a internet ring get over it. we men aren't ALL rich

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To be fair, if he was really poor I think this is a semi-good way to go because I admire the creativity in this. I would hope a real ring comes soon though lol

It's cute, but not romantic. I'd dump him, but that's just me:P

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thats so cute :)

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343- $700 real ring? That's pretty cheap. Mine was over $7,000.

missashzilla 17

343- $700 real ring? That's pretty cheap. Mine was over $7,000.

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you #184 are an idiot and #395/396 who gives a shit...nobody!

Isn't that a good thing? I mean, yeah it's not an expensive restaurant and real ring ... but I think it's sweet and almost romantic. :)

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I agree! That's cute! I mean, if you're upset because he didn't get you a real ring or what not you can always get one later if/when you have the funds. Besides, you obviously both play the Facebook game, so it was actually a well thought out/sweet idea...

I agree too! That is really thoughtful and out of the box. It is creative and fun, get over that it wasnt some huge, grand, pricey gesture, who else can tell your story? I hope you said yes and start appreciating the gift you received. AND now, you get to go ring shopping and get the ring of your choice!

and not to mention very original

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It's not about being epic or expensive. The FML here is that it was done over FACEBOOK. I personally don't give a hoot if I don't get a fancy dinner or a big expensive ring. But if my boyfriend doesn't at least man up and do it IN PERSON, I'd flip shit.

Same here... Just because she's upset that he did it on the internet instead of in person doesn't mean she expected some huge "spectacle" husband proposed without a ring while we were on our way to go somewhere...I said yes and never once complained about it... But I sure as hell would have if he had done it in any way, shape or form over the internet or the phone.

ANDDDD it means that he knows her well enough to know that she'll check what present he sent her! Otherwise, if he might not have known if she plays it, then there would have been doubts and stuff, so obviously he KNOWS enough about her to know that she plays it...!

oh wow, he knows his girlfriend uses facebook! what a window into her soul he has! no. proposals should be done in person, with a real ring. it doesn't have to be a musical number in the middle of main st at disneyland, but it sure as hell shouldn't be anything like a text message, email, or over-the-shoulder "oh hey, wanna get married?" if they don't take marriage seriously enough to propose properly, odds are they're not going to take it seriously enough to make it last.

I think this is actually really cute. It puts a creative twist to the traditional role. Really it shouldn't matter so much how someone proposes to you if you really love them enough.

CUTE! I don't know why you're posting it here, youu should be posting it on mlig (my life is great)!!!

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i completely agree

im a guy and I know that's ****** up... really... at least buy a toy ring for goodness sakes

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What the hell is the world coming to if this is "cute" and "creative". This is kinda "lazy" and "pathetic". Can't believe OP stayed with him for 3 years.

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It's creative, if anything! Heck, for all we know he could have a real ring for when she says yes. This was just his way of asking. It was kinda cute...

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Saving money is one thing but he didn't even bother to do it in person.

Don't post a FML because you are sad you didn't get some multi-thousand dollar ring. He could've given you nothing, like some people on here get. lol

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I don't think the problem here is that he gave her an internet ring. He asked her to marry her over facebook instead of in person. How lame is that?

If you're a geek or nerd, that's actually pretty ******* sweet.

#3, it's completely normal for a girl to expect an actual, physical ring. She never asked for a multi-million dollar ring....

Yes, but she can get a ring after saying yes. It doesn't have to be right then and there. Maybe he couldn't afford one right then. Whether or not she received a ring, she should be happy about the proposal assuming she wanted to get married.

Agreed, 48. My fiance asked me to marry him, I said yes, but didn't get an actual ring for almost a YEAR afterwards. Who cares? I'm marrying my best friend!

I agree! It may a cute idea, but doing it in person is a MUCH greater impact then reading a proposal online. If he sent the ring online, then showed up at her door later to ask in person, then it'd be a completely adorable idea, since he probably couldn't have afforded a real one. Maybe she wanted to cry and jump into his arms after being proposed too... and show how excited she is? It's just not a very exciting memory, and makes it seem artificial online.......

I don't think the ring is the issue here. It's the fact that the boyfriend proposed to her over the internet. Seriously, I'm a total geek, but I would never propose to someone over Facebook. And in this economy, it's no wonder the boyfriend can't get a ring. Plus, she never said she wanted some incredibly expensive ring.

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No one said anything about a ring. She is upset that she was proposed to over the internet.

at least he didn't put it on his balls

HAHA. First there were breakups over Facebook. Then came divorces. And now proposals. Too funny. In any case, Facebook is replacing too many important conversations in people's lives. I'm going to say FYL.

Haha, he gets one skill point and an acheivement :P It's not that bad, tho

Hopefully she was low enough level for that bonus...


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If my boyfriend proposed to me through a game I'd be kind of stoked [I'm a loooosser, and I'm not big on he fake romance bullshit]. He was trying to do something out of the ordinary.

the do it at McDonalds or Burger king not the internet the only way id be fine with the online proposal is if he made a vid on youtube (or any other video site) and in person told her to watch it then id be fine with it but through a online (btw crappy game) on facebook

aw, that sucks. :/ i think that the internet & social networking sites really replaces a lot of important proper interactions between people! FYL indeed.

Well........ DID YOU SAY YES???? Way to leave us hanging.