By NoColor - 29/10/2014 13:09 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my little sister decided to color-in my favorite black-and-white comic book. It was worth over $200. When I told my mother, she said, "Oh that old thing? I thought it was a stupid coloring book you were too stupid to color." FML
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Completely rude and ignorant of them sorry OP

Your mom doesn't think very highly of you, doesn't say much for her .


Completely rude and ignorant of them sorry OP

Lct1196 31

Them? I'm fairly certain that the mother was at fault. The little sister is probably too young to understand that a comic book isnt a coloring book

very rude! OP if I were you I'd like call the police because that's like vandalism. not cool on her part

I agrew that it wasn't nice, but I think the police is going a bit too far.

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#25, I think it was OP's fault. OP, why leave a comic book out where it can be mistaken? shouldn't it be in a display case , or at least a box if it was so important? Obviously, if it was displayed/put away properly, your mother wouldn't have touched it. Still sucks OP, be careful with your things.

Give #38 a break. Cops might be overboard but small claims courts do exist.

Honestly? Court? Police? Yes, it's upsetting OP's little sister colored in their comic book but you don't call the police on a family member because the family member colored in a comic book. Seriously. Really. Like.... No... That's sort of an over reaction

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Surely she should not take other peoples things without permission.

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When I was young, I thought every comic book was a colouring book

Your mom doesn't think very highly of you, doesn't say much for her .

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oh wow. I'd be so pissed. i hate when people ruin my stuff.

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Silly Jesus, oils spills, pollution,and forest fires ruin most of your things.

My stepdad through away my favorite leather bag. It hat 200$ of library books in it. I was so pissed and so was my mom. His excuse was that it feel off the coat rack. He never replaced it. Or the books. I had to pay for the books.

@#86 - *threw *had Sorry, but I had to >.

@#86 - Also, I wonder how someone can throw away a leather bag full of expensive books in it "by accident". And that's a sad excuse. I'd be mad too. Sorry to hear that

I hate people who don't understand the concept of collector's items. I feel your pain OP.

I can't stand parents who don't understand the concept of personal property, regardless of collector status. It's messed up regardless!

Ouch Well I hope OP wasn't planning to sell it then.

I facepalmed the second I realized your Mom is too big of an idiot to tell a comic book from a coloring book.

So your sister messes with your expensive stuff, and your mom becomes an asshole towards you about it. Yeah, I'd be ******* pissed, too.