By NoBalls - 12/06/2009 00:23 - United States

Today, my car was in the shop so I borrowed my wife's VW Beetle convertible. It's really embarrassing because it's a girlie car and it's full of little stuffed animals. At a stop light a man asked me if I'd like to borrow one of his testicles because "every man should have at least one." FML
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That guy had THE BEST CALL EVER! .... you got owned, big time.

Lol, gotta appreciate the humor. :D


ROFL. Gotta hand it to him though as he is right.

this is so epic.

y would u ride w/ the windows down if ur embarressed. I wouldve worn a ski mask

YDI for having a wife that A- has stuffed animals and shot in her car. B- having a wife that owns a Beetle. No one that is over 18 should own one

Testicle man is win.

Lol, gotta appreciate the humor. :D

SkyGuy32 17

I laughed for ten minutes.

I think he should have shot back, "can't already borrowing your girlfriends vajayjay."

Thats how fights start, and then this would be a totally different FML

That guy had THE BEST CALL EVER! .... you got owned, big time.

Yeah he stuck it to you.

That man is my hero.

fuckmyl1f333 0

What a cool dude, hope u didnt take it seriously

Epic. I wish I were that guy.

You wish you were that guy, but I wish I was the OP. If I was the OP, I wouldve yelled "Slugbug!", hit the guy in the arm as hard as I could, then ran back to the car and drove off into the night ;D

Jaja lol thats hilarious u got OWNED!!

lol that's hilarious. sorry you had to go through that embarrassment though xD

Maybe you should've thrown your teddy bear at his testicles

That Is an amazing comment. you sir, are a genius.

Haha I'm gonna use that line