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Today, I watched as the teenage neighbor girl tried to parallel-park between me and my wife's cars. She was doing pretty well until she backed into mine, got scared, hit the accelerator and ran into my wife's. FML
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Got insurance ? Hopefully the damage isn't to bad . Wonder why she didn't learn in a parking lot or empty street...

at least it wasn't your daughter in another one of your cars.


Got insurance ? Hopefully the damage isn't to bad . Wonder why she didn't learn in a parking lot or empty street...

People don't generally parallel park in a parking lot or on an empty street. What kind of weird alternate dimension do you live in?

One that if you are learning you don't **** up other people's property . That's how I first learned and I don't ever have a problem now.

Yeah, you can't really learn to parallel park properly without another car to do it on. However if she was just learning, she should've found a car that was by itself and parallel parked behind it rather than trying to park between two cars. That's what I did when I was learning

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My dad set up cones when I learned to parallel park. It's not that hard to learn without other cars around...

#30 Case and point thank you or chalk lines or whatever . Not expensive property that doesn't belong to you or your family. It was an accident but still it sucks.

That's fine, I'm just saying I found it way easier to learn by doing it on another car, and I managed to never hit anyone's property. If you have someone competent teaching you, and you practice doing it on just one car rather than between two, then there shouldn't be a problem

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Although I agree about the learning part, OP says nothing about the girl being in the learning phase. She probably did learn and practice in an empty lot but messed up this time.

If you are hitting things and panicking and a "teenager" practice is needed in my opinion. You have a point though I am assuming. +1

I learned with two large trash cans spaced far enough like they were two cars. Honestly the best and smartest way to avoid property damage. OP what were you thinking by allowing a new driver to practice with your car's?

I learnt how to parallel park first without cars, then with pylons, but eventually you have to take that first step and do it between real cars. I imagine the girl had learnt how to do it with pylons or an empty lot first, this was probably just her first time with actual cars. And 43, I assume Op didn't "let" her practice between his cars (it actually doesn't say she was practicing at all), he just happened to see her attempt to park the car there.

#43, he probably didn't 'let' her park her car there. She probably choose to park there because there was a free space, I know that happens with a street with sparse, cramped parking. OP was, and I'm assuming, an innocent bystander just looking out his window to see a teenager parking her car, watching to see if she would hit them or not. Who knows if someone was in the car with her at the time teaching her, and that's assuming right there. All this is, is a shitty accident. BTW, OP I hope that everything gets taking care of even though I know getting a vehicle damaged, no matter how severely, sucks.

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My parents put up 2 garbage cans as the cars

where I live the person driving is the only one who's insurance matters. the other cars were parked

When I was learning to drive, my instructor got me to parallel park once. That was between two cars, too. I didn't hit anything. Luckily I didn't need it in my test. In the last year I've done it about 15 times and sometimes it's perfect, other times it needs readjusting. I would never try to get in a small space though, I'm not that confident.

Not sure why people a thumbing you down. That's how my drivers ed teacher is teaching me and ive done perfect

Thanks #75, i was feeling like the only person who learned to parallel park between 2 cars.

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you should have went out and parked the car and this could have been avoided.

OP had no idea that the neighbor would crash the car, so it really could not have been avoided, unless OP's neighbor had a better driving instructor

How was he supposed to know a teenage girl would back into his car? Fail on your part man.

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all I'm saying is if it looked like she was struggling cause he obviously noticed... he should have helped the teenager out.

Maybe he couldn't get there in time? Many things could have prevented him from going to help.

Maybe he didn't want accused of rape. It happens too often for me to be comfortable helping young girls.

It says in the fml that it looked like she was doing fine. How was he to know she was going to hit his car & panic?

Go up to a random teen and driver their car for them, genius

#2: I think the term you're looking for is "carjacking." Yeah, that'd make everything better.

at least it wasn't your daughter in another one of your cars.

True that! If you have insurance you'll be fine! Best of luck!

I like you, you're positive! Silver linings :)

She better have insurance, for everyone's sake

Yes, let's all console OP with mildly obvious statements in the hope of getting up voted.

I hate to be this guy, but your statement is fairly obvious itself...except you won't be getting up voted

Giving "stuck in the middle" some new flavor.

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They'll give anyone a license nowadays.

With that logic just imagine how easy it will be to get a permit

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uh pretty easy to get a permit... you just take a test on a computer or paper.

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Good luck OP she's going to have to practice a lot more. Hopefully not with your cars anymore.

Im not app developer or anything, but I'm pretty sure there is a button for that, actually im positive

Wow that was a really good observation #10! You must be very intelligent! *Insert obvious sarcasm here*