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Today, I was at work when my mother called. She gave me great news that she had finally cleaned out my room and all those "old and useless" books that I had in there. Those "useless" books that she had just trashed were all antiques and worth about $500 each. There were 27 books in there. FML
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FYL :( Make her pay you the $13,500 :P

ouch. that's $13,500 you just lost. You have my sincerest condolences. that really does suck.


that is y i never let someone clean my room and thats y it is always messy lol

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@ 27 i'm pretty sure thats what the "you totally deserved it" button is for...

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She should have put them somewhere safe, and if her mom cleaned her room regularly, she should have let her know what was important and what was not.

YDI for letting your fat cow of a mom clean your room, you lazy ass ******

@34 the fml said "she had finally cleaned" saying finally means that it had been a while since the last time that her mom had cleaned her room, if she had done it before at all.

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Isn't the sheer fact that he could afford them proof that he could afford to get his owns place maybe his parents are living with HIM and maybe the mom said finally because parents tend to think messes are bigger then they are

YDI. I assume that you would keep your $500 on a shelf. or a cabinet displaying your awesome books. Now, I seriously ask, if your mother isj ust coming in your place to clean your shit (suggesting that YOU YOURSELF DO NOT KEEP IT VERY CLEAN) I really doubt she's going through your shelves looking for stuff to throw away. Maybe 27 $500 books are the kinds of things you keep locked up. Maybe. Or maybe you're an idiot like the 20,000 people who agree that "parents suck man! they always clean my stuff when it's really dirty!!!! :( "

#107- Just because she was cleaning doesn't mean that it was dirty. What baffled me is that he had a ton of expensive antiques in her home and he never said anything.

You are lazy for not cleaning your room YDI for having your mom clean your room and not doing it yourself. If it was clean your mom wouldn't have tossed them. And for wasting your money on books. Maybe try looking up your expensive shit..

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No, the mother is at fault. When you tidy up someone's room, you don't throw away anything without asking permission. Books obviously aren't garbage. She has no right to deem any of your objects useless. Its not like they were crumpled up balls of paper.

OMG! That's......uuuuuuummmmm...... $13,500!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For #135. Seriously? "Book collecting loser"? I find it so sad that even the slightest sign of intelligence or individualism is looked down upon. Before you call me an idiot or "nerd" or some such thing, know that I don't give a damn what you say about me, I simply disparage your passive aggressive, pseudo-macho defensive complex. Why is it that it has become a standard for the majority of people to reflect these same behaviours? I find it sad that ideas like that exist; all because somebody, somewhere, convinced everybody that conformity is a thing to be desired, and that personality is a thing to be hated. This is my first post on Fmylife, and whilst I know this isn't the only small-minded opinion out there, I just found this comment so repulsive I HAD to reply. I'm not saying you're a bad person, just that you're doing a very bad thing. Open up, and stop acting like the perpetual "high school jock", it'll bite you in the ass some day if you don't. Mark Aracle, signing off...

#112 "wasting your money on books" Jesus Christ.

FYL :( Make her pay you the $13,500 :P

ouch. that's $13,500 you just lost. You have my sincerest condolences. that really does suck.

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Yeah, and anyone who voted YDI is a complete fool. Including #87.

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My mom goes into my room and throws out stuff without telling me too =/ Not as bad as in your case though. FYL

uh how old are you? if you can afford to buy books for $500 and have a job you should get your own place, sorry about your loss but I'm gonna say YDI

my mom keeps trying to come over and clean my APARTMENT. D: there seriously needs to be some kind of self-help book to teach these parents to LEAVE THEIR KIDS' SHIT ALONE.

I dont mind. My mom is really good at only cleaning up obvious junk (dirty dishes, dirty laundry, etc), whereas everything else is just straightened up, never thrown away. It's actually really convenient when they do it well.

Well seeing how OP is at LEAST 16, you do realize that keeping comics or books from just a couple years older than that can increase in value? Doesn't mean that he bought them while at $500, it means overtime they became the worth of $500

I really don't understand how people's parents feel so obligated to "clean" their children's personal items. I understand if it's somewhere else in the house, such as the family room or kitchen, but everyone should have the right to keep what they want in their room. She should have asked you first. I would be furious.

#8 is an idiot. Who said he/ she bought the books? If they were antiques they have probably just been handed down from past generations. So the person might not even be able to get their own place yet.

No #8 is completly right. Think about it. If the books were handed through generations then from whom must the books come from? Right, his parents. This would mean that the mother would know what books she threw out. So I would say this is a YDI or even mabey a fake.

@8/24: It's possible they were given to her by her dad. It's also possible that she isn't living at home? Perhaps her mum came to stay, and mum's tend to take over the household when they come to stay. I think the second is more likely. If she was still living at home, her mum would probably know about the $13500 worth of books in her room. OP, your life is seriously ******. FYL for having a stupid mum who thinks she can throw out your stuff without asking.

I have antique books that I bought for cheaps or recieved for free, but are really worth a lot. Some people are stupid and basically give that stuff away without knowing, and others are assured that you will take care of it forever like they did. So, for all you know, those could have been gifts or things the OP picked up at a garage sale. Also, it sounds more to me like the OP is now living on their own but had some things left over in their old room, and hadn't gotten around to cleaning it out. @OP: Sucks! Nobody should EVER throw away books, no matter how "old and useless" they are. At least donate them to a library! Especially since they were your books... she should have asked first! FYL for sure :c

Why bother moving out if you don't have to? It saves a lot of money, and some people prefer to live with their parents than completely alone.

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Who the hell says she lives with her mother? It says that her mother finally cleaned OUT her room, suggesting that it is no longer inhabited. My guess would be the OP is in college/early professional and simply left some things behind in her old room. Totally normal.

Plus, in some cases, you DON'T want to have anything extremely valuable with you in college. Actually, that's probably most cases. Especially if it's big and bulky, like 27 old books. There's way too much room that you could use for more practical things, like books you would actually use for studies, or a **** stash, or clothes or something. It's also pretty risky considering you have roommates most of the time. So back home was probably one of the safest places for them to's just that the OP's mother is an airheaded bimbo. Hopefully, they weren't too far gone (you know, like already in the dump truck or in someone else's house). Hell, even if they were in someone else's house you can probably take them back due to the fact your mother never asked you before she got rid of them... In any case, OP, this was incredibly stupid and rude of your mother to have done. Cleaning up or not, you don't just throw away stuff like that/without asking. Hell, my mother doesn't even look at any scraps of paper I might have lying around my room because it might be something I drew in a series of sketches and tore out to make a standalone piece, and she's obsessive about cleaning. ... But you probably should have informed her (though, I do know why you wouldn't have; there was no reason to until now, because there's no way you would have thought 'oh, she's going to throw away my 13.5 thousand dollars worth of books,' so...yeah).

She could have inherited them from her grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles or aunts and therefore the Mom/parents had no clue what they were actually worth... I wouldn't doubt it at all. When my grandma died years ago she had put it in her will that all her kids,grandkids etc. were supposed to go through her apartment and take whatever they want to and whatever isn't taken give away to charity organizations. We found a bunch of stuff in her place that looked totally worthless but ended up being worth some money and no-one knew she had that stuff not even her kids :)

Obviously if the books were passed down the mother would have known to not throw them out.

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Ooooh... the irony of having over $13,000 worth of books while still living at home with mommy. What were they - comic books?

I don't want to have to keep repeating this comment, but I must say there is every chance (in fact it's probably MORE likely) that the OP doesn't live at home, and her mum just came to stay at her place for a bit, and cleaned her room because mums are like that. Also, if the OP was living at home, the mum would probably know about the $13500 worth of books