By left4dead - Australia - Sydney
Today, I went on a field trip with some people from school. I'm currently confined to a wheelchair, so I had to rely on my sister to get around. She eventually went off with her friends, assuming that the people nearby would keep me company. Five minutes later, they'd all left me. FML
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  Girreth  |  7

14 - Firstly, it's not a joke. Introverts prefer solitude.
Secondly - If it were a joke, then understand that it's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

How is that even a joke? I was replying to a comment that said it was sad to be alone, I was just saying that that's not always the case.. It is for me, I hate being alone and I can totally relate to the OP, as this would probably happen to me as well. :P don't get your panties in a bunch over nothing, hun. :)

I guess 18 beat me to it, sorry guys.

  CrewBoy  |  10

14, please remove the large stick from your rectum, shut the hell up, read a dictionary, and then for safety read a book on how to take a joke. My god, woman.

18 and 21 beat me to it.... Fuck.

  Soloman212  |  28

I was going to make a jocular post with an exaggeratedly annoyed reply to 14, and say that the rest beat me to it, but then I got to 28 and saw that he really did beat me to it.

  BulldogHoops  |  14

28- I've seen two of your comments, and I'm concerned. There was this abomination of the English language, and then the one where you hoped someone went to hell and had a child molester's cock attached to their mouth.

  annie_nk  |  22

74 - I remember that too. Partly because it was in my reply thread. I can't decide if he's Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde or a really weird type of troll... with tourettes.

  SammyS2012  |  21

I've never had a power chair, but when I use the manual wheelchair, and a family member is pushing me in a theme park or something, we usually mess around with it. We're immature, I know, but there's only so much you can do while sitting in it... It gets boring.

  WTFisthiscrap  |  6

maybe one day - you'll get your wish and "get" to use one all the time!
every time someone says that to me it makes me want to punch them (I don't but I REALLY want to)

  ksks1234  |  33

I think there are different kinds. I have seen wheelchairs that have four small wheels, where you would be unable to roll yourself; maybe it is that kind of wheelchair. The op also mentioned "recently being confined to a wheelchair", maybe they do not have the upper-body strength to roll himself around all day.

  WTFisthiscrap  |  6

Manual wheelchairs you can roll by yourself. But I have a neuro-muscular disease and I'm not strong enough to roll one myself. I have a power chair, but if it messes up or if my battery dies - I have to rely on people to push me. And for me, that's not the least bit fun. People who push wheelchairs (who don't usually do it all the time) don't know to watch for things like huge cracks, bumps, holes, etc. in sidewalks either.

  kyliebear  |  15

"Five minutes later, they all left me." Note: they ALL left her. You can't make friends with people who aren't there and she certainly can't move much.

  dcg1375  |  7

OP says they are "currently" confined to a wheelchair. Which suggests that this is not the norm. Not all, but most people in wheelchairs have arm use and can drive themselves. So maybe OP just likes the attention and being pushed around in the chair? We don't know and won't because we don't know why OP is "currently" in a wheelchair.