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  enonymous  |  8

OP do/did you have the one where Obama said justice has been done and it pictures seal team 6? If not I'd recommend starting your collection with that one first

  soccerguy2  |  11

35 & 62- that may be a good idea but if op is under 18 or whatever it may be in his or her country then the mom might be legally allowed to take.

  kjcookie10  |  9

Take your mother to the local street corner. Act as her pimp and sell her off until she makes back all the money that those coins were worth. Problem solved!

  antmanzero  |  8

@93 He'd probably kill me. "For the best of the world." Or because my face is too ugly. Or he got bored. OR because he ate a meat pie, only to realize it was made from OP's mom's heart and other organs.

  antmanzero  |  8

@93 Doc does trauma, anyways. Now, if I got hit by a car, ran over by a bus, landed on by a plane, slapped by a dragon, etcetc, THEN I'd see him. Brb, gotta find a dragon...

  antmanzero  |  8

@186 Oh, you should try my milkshakes, they're made with orphan's souls. Not the ginger orphans, though. We all know gingers don't have souls.

Now, I'll add this cuz some tards will think I'm serious. If people have souls, I'm 96.3% sure gingers have souls, too.


  DragonPorn  |  15

"I can't seem to think of what to have for dinner... got a brain to think? OH! Brain pie! Perfect! Care to donate..."
-Sheogorath, Prince of Madness, Charmed.

  girl112891  |  7

Just ouch! Ouch!
Why do mothers go touching our things to begin with??????? Find a way to get those coins back and then put a legit lock on your door. My boyfriend's a collector. I know not to touch those coins, so should your mother!

By  Calyx_fml  |  21

Actually, if you file a complaint with the police that they were stolen then you can get them back. Of course that means that your mom gets sent up to the Dyke Prison.

By  jonriise18  |  3

Wow. FYL. If this is true I would go to pawn shop and threaten legal action. Say they purchased stolen property. Tell em you have an attorney. Hopefully if u make a fuss they'll decide it's easier for them to take tv back and return coins. But idk. That sucks OP.

  downtime  |  12

You say this like most people who have collector coins are completely oblivious to their value...More importantly, you know a lot of these people...You move in odd circles, sir.