By Ilostsomuch - 04/01/2012 18:30 - United States

Today, I came home to find that my mother had sold all my valuable collector coins for cheap at a local shady pawn shop to buy herself a TV. The coins in question were worth enough to start a business. FML
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sweet2u22 9

Well...that sucks... :/ Try putting her in a home. Or a pie. A meat pie. Why, yes, I /AM/ clinically insane. Why?


sweet2u22 9

Obviously she's too dumb to be worth much.

K_kanaka 26

You can always report them stolen and they'll have to give them back

nonelikeworms 0
Damn_Hippster 11

She must have got one huge ass tv. then.

Return the TV, get a refund, sell the coins for a lot, and buy her 10 new TVs.

Torva_fml 16

You have a couple days to get your items back? I think it's like a week?

Report them stolen. Not only will you get your collection back, your mom will get in trouble to boot!

enonymous 8

OP do/did you have the one where Obama said justice has been done and it pictures seal team 6? If not I'd recommend starting your collection with that one first

35 & 62- that may be a good idea but if op is under 18 or whatever it may be in his or her country then the mom might be legally allowed to take.

Take your mother to the local street corner. Act as her pimp and sell her off until she makes back all the money that those coins were worth. Problem solved!

Time to sell her ass on the street, what a dumb bitch.

DreBeezy 9

Well if the coins were worth enough to start a business, that pawn shop won't be so shady anymore.....

Sometimes, I think that some mothers should just be punched once or twice in the face really hard for their stupidity.

Time to sell her tv and/or gold jewelry!

sickjairo 7

Report the coins stolen and go get them back!

Is she enough to Open a Business as a pimp?

That's stupid.OPs mother would end up going to jail...

horsegirl331 6

Maybe OP should have started a business and made more money. YDI

@146 Perhaps the OP's mother *should* go to jail.

At least you can buy them back from the pawn shop for what she sold them for, plus interest. Return the TV so you can get them back.

Similar experience like this.. Mom sold a gift my girlfriend had gotten me because "she didn't think I'd like it."

RuskiManBearPig 4

Dude I love your picture. Just to make sure is that an Ed, Edd, and Eddie reference.

11- WRONG. Her brain is still fresh and unused. Sells for much more than used brains.

That is a dumb idea op's mom just gave away the coin and bought a TV I would not want to see a brand new TV get smashed!

bitchslapped22 14

Then they have nothing, might as well keep the TV

DaKillaMafia 2

He should take a hammer and smash his mom, not the tv

Well...that sucks... :/ Try putting her in a home. Or a pie. A meat pie. Why, yes, I /AM/ clinically insane. Why?

nonelikeworms 0

Is it poet or marine flavor? Is it clean? Lol

Yummy..... muahahahahahahahaha....cough..cough..

xSonic 9

3- I think you need to go see DocBastard

Pie hmm..What flavor?.....PIE FLAVOR!!!!

@93 He'd probably kill me. "For the best of the world." Or because my face is too ugly. Or he got bored. OR because he ate a meat pie, only to realize it was made from OP's mom's heart and other organs.

@93 Doc does trauma, anyways. Now, if I got hit by a car, ran over by a bus, landed on by a plane, slapped by a dragon, etcetc, THEN I'd see him. Brb, gotta find a dragon...

So I figured. Excuse me, I have some pies to make.

@186 Oh, you should try my milkshakes, they're made with orphan's souls. Not the ginger orphans, though. We all know gingers don't have souls. Now, I'll add this cuz some tards will think I'm serious. If people have souls, I'm 96.3% sure gingers have souls, too. :3

xSonic 9

I don't mean to try and impress you.....but I am Batman.

I have a tinge of the ginge in my fringe, so I can safely say that at least one ginger out there has a soul :-D

"I can't seem to think of what to have for dinner... got a brain to think? OH! Brain pie! Perfect! Care to donate..." -Sheogorath, Prince of Madness, Charmed.

Torva_fml 16

And then he'd screw himself out of even more money.... Great idea, I but you put as much thought into that as OP's mom.

ZDK5498 6

your mom is an inconsiderate bitch and should have left your coins alone!

horsegirl331 6

Lol nice one and one question what r u doing in profile pic?

Just ouch! Ouch! Why do mothers go touching our things to begin with??????? Find a way to get those coins back and then put a legit lock on your door. My boyfriend's a collector. I know not to touch those coins, so should your mother!

GoW_Chick 14

Me too! I think I could live with those problems

This was a terrible comment and I regret posting it

70- Is one of them your taste in music?

I have 99 problems too. A bitch is one. 90 of them are stupid commenters.

I used to have 99 problems. Now I only have one and yes, it's a bitch.

builditbetter09 3

Sorry but I'd slap a bitch...

More like: less money, more problems. Who's going to pay the bills, buddy?

Namerkp2 8

144- I thumbed you up lol. Looking at your pic I can tell you know real music. Cunninlynguists FTW!

flockz 19

it would probably beed some new batteries though.

Torva_fml 16

Used ***** huh? Sounds like something I'd buy in a pawn shop.

G0v3nat0r 7

Actually, if you file a complaint with the police that they were stolen then you can get them back. Of course that means that your mom gets sent up to the Dyke Prison.

Wow. FYL. If this is true I would go to pawn shop and threaten legal action. Say they purchased stolen property. Tell em you have an attorney. Hopefully if u make a fuss they'll decide it's easier for them to take tv back and return coins. But idk. That sucks OP.

DO THIS! When you sell things at a pawn shop you sign something swearing the property is yours. You may be able to take legal action.

...You mean take the money back, right? She sold the coins to buy a TV, it wasn't an even trade.

ThecomingofTan 9

I never understood why people never do their research on how much collector coins are really worth, but I guess people love getting ****** over.

You say this like most people who have collector coins are completely oblivious to their value...More importantly, you know a lot of these people...You move in odd circles, sir.

nativepimp 1

Silver coins is where it's at