By jess - 07/03/2010 14:08 - South Africa

Today, I had a sip of my coffee and felt a lump of some kind enter my mouth. I thought it was a bit of biscuit, and then remembered I didn't have biscuits this morning with my coffee. I took it out of my mouth and it was a huge black fly. I then spat the rest of my coffee all over my laptop. FML
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ewww... least you didn't swallow it

Sometimes, it's better not to think about that kind of stuff. Afterall, ignorance is bliss...


ewww... least you didn't swallow it

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oh my god. where did ugetthe coffee? i was just gonna run to starbucks but now...

Or chew it. That would be so much worse.

yea, chewing it would be the worst, especially if it started to buzz around... and yea #10 but I honestly don't care about being first lol

roflmao! that's foul! fyl. do you even know how much pathogens and bateria are on flys that makes me want to puke they lay there eggs or larva in cow poo. sickkkk.

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At least most of the pathogens on it would have been killed by the heat of the coffee, assuming it landed there when it was fairly hot. BTW, what did it taste like, Chicken? ;)

well people don't normally drink coffee at a boiling tempature so the bateria probably was not killed..

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ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew theres really nothing else to say besides that. just EWWWWW. and it was worth destroying ur laptop to not eat that. or youd become the old lady that swallowed te fly

The schoolbooks say it can't be here again, Chocolate Raaiinn. (side breath)

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WTF is wrong with some extra protein??

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was it a mac becuase if it was fyl

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I would throw up! Flies are especially gross since they sit on dog poop and other gross stuff! D:

FTL of the fly and the laptop. OP sry but find a better FML next time

nothing like a yummy fly to go with your morning coffe! ew.

man... you have no idea how grossed out I get when something that should have no chunks (i.e. not expecting) in something that is smooth, like coffee or smoothies, cannot finish it and just chuck it usually

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my god I actually shivered in disgust while picturing this..

43, if it was a Mac, then it was a YDI even without the fly.

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She almost became the Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly :/. If you don't understand, then become better aquainted with Google.

same happened to me.. but it was a spider and instead of coffee it was hot chocolate. that sucks D:

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what's wrong with a little extra protein :D

Sometimes, it's better not to think about that kind of stuff. Afterall, ignorance is bliss...

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@7 actually its double fail, @OP, definitely FYL

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ewww that's gross I would have barfed

My deepest sympathies are with the OP. I inhaled a spider a few days ago >.< (don't ask me how I managed that). OP, I hope the 'brommer' was not too big o_O And it is nice to see a fellow South African on FML :)

I've also had a bug get stuck in my ear before... one of those little gnats didn't know which way was out. It was really freaky/kinda scary hearing it buzz its wings in there :-(

Awwe that sucks. It must have been quite a mission to get it out. And I can imagine that it must have been scary O.O

Yea, I didn't really know what to do so that made it a lot worse. I ended up putting my head down on the other ear so the bug only had to fly straight up to get out... Eventually it must have seen daylight because it flew out no harm done... just really freaky.


I ate cornflakes and didn't check the and I had a maggot or somekind of worming my bowl haha I still ate the cornflakes after I was starving

Ja, ek ook. OP: Ag shame, dis nogals erg.

ag dis nice! :) My Afrikaans is rerig nie goed nie :P Ek het in Europa en Amerika vir 'n julle paar gebly. So ek het dit nogal vergeet. Maar dis goed om jou te ontmoed :D stay in touch :)