By Hunter Ferguson - United States - Fort Washington
Today, I got grounded for 2 weeks for slapping my brother after he threw a baseball at my head and hit my shin with a bat. He’s in 9th grade and I'm in 8th. He got ice cream to "cheer him up". FML
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  wHSKitty  |  11

Can we say, coddled much? So sorry, OP. Your lil bro sounds like a dick. Get revenge, ASAP.
Remember this for when you both are adults, then tell any of his friends or girlfriends what he did when you guys were young teens.

By  d3rpb0t  |  10

I've heard of favoritism, but this is absurd. Somehow I get the feeling that OP's brother has some form of mental health issue, and mommy dearest in all her wisdom, uses it as an excuse for him to do as he pleases. And no, this is not me digging at those with mental problems as the mental is just as valid as the physical -- it's a dig at people's reactions to it being on either extreme, whether it's on the abusive end treating them as an abomination, or the opposite end where they are not held accountable for anything. ...but I could be wrong and it could just be simple favoritism, rendering everything past the first sentence moot.

  Gamessence  |  19

Lmao the latter is my problem. My brother is autistic and my mother treats him like hes helpless. To the point where hes an incel that stalks women and will use autism as an excuse for any trouble he causes. I.E Him throwing a controller and my dad demanded to know why he did it. "Uh dad you realize Im autistic right?" Then my dad proceeded to get the belt.

By  Agent JPN  |  9

When parents have a favorite (and it's not you)... you have to suffer through this kind of thing your entire life (even into adulthood).

You have my sympathies.