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  rattusrattus  |  18

It could be the *inciting incident* in an epic. The OP, in response to the shattering of the status quo, will enage on a proper adventure with dragons and monsters and attractive bartenders, culminating in an awesome climax and a positive-ironic ending, for although they lost their husband, they discover the true meaning of friendship.

  PincessBoff  |  6

If your profile picture is your most recent Halloween costume then I automatically respect you. My boyfriend and I were the same thing for Halloween, but he was Finn and I was Jake!

By  Dillyduzit  |  23

Yeah, I'd let his ass rot in jail and tell him I'm just doing him a favor. Leaving him in jail will give him the opportunity to become someone's girlfriend and be able to have all the sex he clearly wants :)

By  WrongRomance  |  11

He's not a very sneaky cheater.